Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Keiki Field Trip: The Bus.

Today we had (at the preschool we call it) an in-house field trip. Usually our in-house field trip means that we stay in the school, however this time we didn't really stay in the school, we went on the City Bus! We didn't really need any parent participation. We we out to the front of the school and then "Aunty" told us all about what the bus is about and all about the safety, etiquette, and rules about being on the bus, how to get on the bus, and how to act like on the bus. 

Then we all got on the bus and we were able to take a short ride around Kailua! It was a lot of fun. I love how it was such a simple thing...riding the city bus...but the kids loved it! All they had to pay was a penny! And that was because we wanted them to know what it was like to put money in the ticket box, and then say, "Transfer, please!"...it was super cute to watch! I loved this in-house field trip! It was super fun for the kids and it reminded me that the simple things in life can mean so much to a child who is experiencing something that they don't normally wouldn't, like a ride on the city bus!

On a side not, I was SUPER proud of all my keikis! I am currently potty training some of my little keikis (more than half of my 16 children!) and I have to admit that I was worried that one of mine would need the bathroom at the most inconvenient time! But we all made it with no accidents. And so yes, that makes me one proud teacher! :)