Friday, January 27, 2017

Happy 2nd Birthday, KaiBoy!

Today is my KaiBoy's birthday! I love this little guy so much and even though he has only been in this world for two years, I feel like since he arrived here the world is a little bit more brighter and happier when he is around. He is one of the most happiest little guy ever! He doesn't really walk because he loves to jump, gallop, or's so funny to watch! He is always just so happy and he loves to make other people smile! I can't get enough of my KaiBoy and I love him, love him, love him so much! :)

I didn't get much pictures of our little family/friends gathering for his birthday because between this little guys activeness and his older sister's rascal-ness, you have to always be your toes with them! :) But always in a good way! But I did get a few...

My amazing sister with her baby boy! I will forever be thankful for my sister for giving me an amazing nephew! :)

Life dealt him a difficult hand when we found out he was allergic to nearly everything that you can think of...(and when I say allergic...I mean DEATHLY allergic)) but my sister, being the amazing mother she is, researches and comes up with her own recipes to make things that are safe enough for KaiBoy to eat and today was no exception. She found a recipe that was allergy-free to make him cupcake for his birthday! And you know what!? It didn't taste all too bad!

I forgot to mention that we had a make-yourself pizza party for KaiBoy with tater-tots and (allergy-meat-free) pigs-in-a-blanket (since those two are KaiBoys absolute favorite!) and so I was STUFFED from the pizza alone!

But in saying that, if I wasn't already filled up, I would have devoured another it was, I could only down one and I already knew that these were going to be a yummy treat for KaiBoy in the future! He loved it too! :)

It was so hard to get a clear shot, both these little rug-rats move TOO MUCH! *laughs* But this is him opening his presents! I wish that I was able to take more pictures of the amazing gifts that he got...but I was too busy laughing from him expression from everything! DollGirl was so proud because she had gone to the store with her dad to pick out a gift for her brother and he loved it so much he didn't want to open anything else! I love he loving chemistry between these two! These two love each other so much! DollGirl knows everything that KaiBoy is allergic to and she makes sure that he will stay safe. You know how I mentioned that we had make-yourself pizzas?! Well, we had cheese that we could have on our pizza as long as you didn't touch KaiBoy or kiss him without washing up and gargling after you eat. (Think DEATHLY/anaphylactic shock quicker than you can say cheese). And DollGirl LOVES cheese, but she knows that she can't eat it when he is around. Her mom said that she could have some cheese on her pizza but she didn't want to because she said that it was KaiBoy's birthday and she wanted to play with him and she knew that if she had some cheese she might accidentally miss some cheese somewhere on her and then uh-oh. KaiBoy, too, gets so excited to see his sister when she comes home from school or when he sees her at all. I love how they love each other! :)

I had fun with friends and family celebrating the 2nd year of our little KaiBoy! :)