Saturday, January 21, 2017

Fun day with Dollgirl and friends!

I was getting real restless for an adventure and so I asked my friends if they wanted to go exploring with my DollGirl and I and they said yes...and so begins our adventure for the day. :) It started at a decent time. At 9:30am my friends picked me up and we went to go and get my DollGirl and we were on our way.

I know that this looks like a random picture, but it's not. It's a picture of a hidden creek. I like hidden creeks. There is something about them and makes me smile and feel all happy for nature. :)

The first place that we went was the Byodo-In Temple in Kaneohe. How have I not been here yet?! It's a beautiful place to go to! It's so peaceful and beautiful! :)

Here is my DollGirl ringing the bell at the temple. The bell supposedly is suppose to clear away all negativity. Which is a very good thing! I think that I would LOVE to have a bell like this in my class! The bell has a beautiful, resounding sound that is very calming to hear.

Here is DollGirl and Tutu A lighting a match to the Buddah.

There was a moat that went around the temple and it was choke filled with all these beautiful koi fish! There are a lot of them...but like it because since there was so much room for them, they didn't look so crowded! My friend even bough fish food for DollGirl so that she could feed the fish and while she was feeding the fish we even found a turtle! There were also a pair of very beautiful black swans that were swimming around the moat and a lot of fishes. :)

Look how beautiful this temple is! I love the background setting as well. It did rain on us while we were there, but we didn't mind.

After going to the Temple, we decided that we wanted to go to Pearl Harbor memorial, and was very bummed when we got there it was SUPER raining so there were no boats going out to the USS Arizona. But we found out that there were other things to explore a SUBMARINE! So as we made our way to the submarine, DollGirl wanted to take pictures with EVERYTHING! And I loved it! :)

Here she is trying to be as tall as this missile! Silly girl! :)

Here is the USS Bowfin. This is the awesome submarine that we got to explore!

Before going down under DollGirl wanted to take pictures with the different things on top of the sub.

Being inside this submarine helped me get a feel of those men and women who have to live in these vessels for days, weeks, months at a time! It was so cramped in there, and we already counted more than 50 beds! There was NO privacy in there, thats for sure! But it was super cool inside because there were a lot of knobs and switches and steering wheels and just different sections! I felt like one of my preschoolars inside this submarine! I wanted to press, move, turn, flip, close, open, climb EVERYTHING! And I loved that DollGirl wanted to, too! She had a LOT of fun!

It took us a good hour and a half to go through the submarine, mainly because we wanted to explore EVERYTHING. DollGirl enjoyed it a lot...and I enjoyed it a lot with her too! :)

Outside the submarine, there were other things to explore as well! And so we took our time to look at everything. We didn't have definite plans other than making sure that DollGirl was having fun...and it sure looked like she did! :)

After exploring outside, we also got to go inside a museum! And I love museums! I was afraid that DollGirl was going to get bored in here since there wasn't a lot of interactive things for her to do, but she wanted some earphones and a audio guide and we were able to stay in there for another hour and she walked around and enjoyed it a lot! I love how she loves to learn!

Right before leaving the museum, the front desk lady came up to DollGirl and gave her a patch to keep! She said that she noticed DollGirl and how much she was really interested in everything and was so respectful. And I was so proud that of DollGirl, she asked if she could have another one for her brother...because he wasn't able to go...and she didn't want him to be sad. The lady smiled at that and gave her another one.

Unfortunately, it was left behind because she accidentally dropped it during our mad dash to the car in the rain. And she was really sad, so we went to a store to buy something for her brother, and that made her happy again. 

I am so proud of this girl. I love bringing her around with me because she is so brave, respectful, and she listens very well. I know that I am not a mother, but I can only imagine what that feeling is like. I use to want to go exploring for myself and see things for myself, and I still do...but when I can, I always want to bring my DollGirl with me. I know that she will listen and that she won't complain and she will wait when she needs to wait. I love how she is respectful to others and she has a super kind heart. I love her. I love my family. I love my friends. 

It was a good day. :)