Saturday, January 14, 2017

Family Time.

Early this morning, my sister-IL asked me if I wanted to hang out with her and my brother in town. We finally have a Buffalo Wings bar here in town and my brother wanted to check it out...and so I agreed. As we were confirming plans, my other sister texted both of us asking if we wanted to hang out after church and go walk the pier in town! So, since we were going there anyways, we decided to join together and just hang out all together!

FINALLY! I always told myself that I was going to take a picture of this tree when I see it "again"...and then each time, I 'm always like "next time" finally I just did it! I just love this tree! It's HUGE and it's super cool looking!

This is the pier on Queen's beach that we like to walk because you can walk super far out and see a LOT of fishes and crabs and birds out there. And it's just like being out in the "middle" of the ocean...but not...but you feel like it. Little KaiBoy had not been there yet, and so that was why his parents wanted to go there...and so we all went there. This place has very fond memories for me. When I first moved here, I used to come here and swim out and swim pier to pier as exercise...I'm not how far it was...but lets just say, I would be so comfortable swimming out there for about 2 1/2 hours at a time. My brother and I were talking about how we wanted to do that again...I love swimming...and I love swimming in the ocean. And plus, it's so beautiful here! We would come out here early in the morning and swim out far and it was amazing, because not only would we be just swimming, but we at least for me, I would enjoy looking at all the fish and from time to time a turtle would pop up to say hello!

As always, my little KaiBoy enjoyed playing in the sand. It was a lot cooler today, so no water playing...but that didn't stop him from playing in the sand! Such an island boy!

Not to be outdone by her brother, my Dollgirl was also getting her groove on in the sand! :)

I guess sitting on the sad was too far from the sand, Kaiboy had to lay down in the sand. I have gotten used to sand being part of life here in Hawai'i. :)

And here is me using my new LuLaRoe Irma top! I love this top! :)

I love that my sister-IL loves ice cream just like me, so before we went home, we stopped by my new favorite ice scream store! :)

It was a fun day...I love my family and I always enjoy spending time with them. :)