Saturday, January 7, 2017

DollGIrl Adventures: BIshop Museum.

A few weeks ago when we took DollGirl to the zoo, our original plan was to go and eat lunch at The Old Spaghetti Factory...unfortunately when we got there it was CLOSED! Good then when we did get there, there was a nearby restaurant that DollGirl liked that we were able to go to! After that day we planned another outing with my DollGirl, but we planned that we were going to The Spaghetti Factory FIRST before going to take DollGirl to our main exploration place that we had in mind for her!

Once again, she was disappointed because she LOVES their macaroni and cheese...but they didn't have any! So she had the spaghtti and she was fine with that. She loves their bread...and you can never go wrong with that when it ends in...

Spumoni! And being the Aunty of this lovely girl, I let her have her spumoni! :)

I know that she doesn't look that excited, but know that she is concentrating on not getting a brain freeze! :)

It makes my heart so happy to see how much these two love each other.  My Dollgirl calls her "TuTu A" and every time she does, my heart bursts from happiness. No joke.

I have been here before, but this is the first time going with DollGirl. And I am so excited to see HER excitement. I love seeing the wonder and the processing of new things and places in a child's face. I love it.

These two. Happy heart.

We specifically decided to come here to the Bishop Museum on our Fun Day with DollGirl because of this exhibit, the Dora & Diego: Let's Explore! This exhibit was made with the early children ages in mind and so I know that she will have a blast here!

DollGirl, my pirate girl! :)

"Rocket"...this picture melts my heart! :) As you can see, there were SO MANY things for her to do! From the pirate ship, to acorn collecting, to rocket ship blast-off, and search and find scavenger many things! We stayed here for a good two hours...THE FIRST TIME! And then after explore other areas of the Bishop Museum, she waned to come back again for another go!

I hate how this picture is so blurry, but it will always be in my memory. She was so happy today. And when my DollGirl is happy, it makes me happy. :)

We then went to the discovery area of the museum...where she was front and center of a demonstration of lava! It was SO bright, and she couldn't take her eyes off of it! And even though the guy spoke a lot, she sat there and took in everything he said! I loved just watching her!

She cracks me up! She said that she wanted to take a picture with the Nene bird, ands he proceeded to sit on it's head! :)

This was another place that she loved to stay at for a lot time and coming back to several times! A submarine simulator! I need to find a submarine for her to explore! :)

Here is my DollGirl participating a flight simulator...she loved it! :)

I pray this girl never stops wanting to learn. I pray this girl never looses her sense of wonder. I pray that this girl stays curious. I pray this girl never settles. This world is to vast for her to settle...I want her to explore. I want her to question things. I want her to be curious about things enough to learn and explore anything that piques her interest and more!

It's "our" thing to always go for a treat to close our day and this day was no different. After driving around and getting lost a few times we found this gem of a place called "Frost City" and check out this!

Of course, the little one wanted a peanut butter and jelly ice-cream frost! And it really did taste like peanut butter and jelly! It wasn't my favorite...but it sure kept a smile on her face! :)

I ended up getting the mud pie flavor..and even though it looks HUGE, it was SUPER light! I loved it! :)

Frost City, if you ever have a chance to should check them out! They are are little mom and pop kind of store. Pretty awesome find, that's for sure!

I had a wonderful, beautiful, awesome, fun-filled day! I love these days where I am with DollGirl and my good friends! I love to explore. I love going on adventures. I love my life! :)