Monday, January 2, 2017

Commit 20 Review.

Back a few months ago, I had the honor of backing a kickstarter project and was able to receive this Commit 30 planner. I have decided to use this planner a "to-do" list planner...and utilize it like that.

I love the gold color...and so I decided to ask for the gold planner.

This planner helps you "commit" yourself to a activity that you want to create into a habit. I thought that I would try this planner to see if I can help myself stick to certain form fitting habits.

This year I do want to explore I decided to create a collage of exploring! :)

So, this is how it looks like inside. I wanted to make stickers for this planner so I took some time to figure out how I wanted to categorize these boxes and columns.

So, here it is...! Home, work, personal were the categorize that chose...and on the bottom a section for blog, goals, and I can see how much money I have been spending daily. This was my last week in this planner.