Friday, January 6, 2017

Chartee Chop Nails is BAAAACK!

I had the wonderful opportunity to talk to my parents today...and like it is when I talk to them I get super excited. I love talking with my parents...but I have to admit that sometimes I do get frustrated. The internet connection is usually very junk and a lot of times my parents sound like they are on the other side of a very long, long tunnel, OR they are underwater somehow. Not only that it is super choppy galore! But there are VERY rare times where the connection is a little better and we can go about 5 minutes with perfect connection and it makes me smile that I can talk to them with out feeling like I am on the cellphone commercial, "can you hear me now? how about now?! Can you hear me now?! Now? How about now?...." and so on and so forth. :)

And then there are the miraculous times where we can actually speak on SKYPE! Oh, I love modern technology! There were times when was going to school abroad and I wouldn't be able to speak to my parents for weeks and sometimes months at at time because it was super expensive and my parents didn't know how to use IM or skype. I'm glad that they finally learned. :) Today as I was speaking to them, they were talking, I was talking when all of a sudden they were like, "what happened to your nails?!" I looked at my nails and was like..."nothing, nothing is wrong with my nails, why?!" And that's when it hit me...They were not used to seeing my nails unpainted! *laughs* That really made me laugh! There use to be a time in my life where I actually had time to paint my nails! At least twice a week...oh goodness! Who has that time now?! But then It made me realize how much I did miss having my nails look all I painted my nails.

I don't even remember the last time I painted and designed my nails! I picked an easier design just because I seriously hadn't painted my nails in FOREVER! I like them. These are my go to, black, and white...and some sort of glitter polish (in this case, silver glitter). Polka dots and stripes are never that hard to do...and the feather/leaf....easy peasy....and so I have decided that maybe I should start painting my nails again! :) Not twice a week like before...not even once a week...but at least. maybe...hopefully, time willing?! Twice a month?! We shall for now, I will enjoy my newly painted nails. :)