Monday, January 30, 2017

Before the pen: Jan. 30-Feb. 05.

Wow! Time sure is flying! This week will be bringing the 2nd month of the year: February! I can't believe how fast it's all going! In the past, the second month has usually been hard for me...but this year it WILL be different! One day at a time, is what i have to tell myself!

 I have decided to add tracker stickers for all the postcards/letters/mail that I send out and receive. Last week, I had started to write down all the ones that I received and reminders of the ones that I had to send out still, and I realize that if I was going to keep doing that, I need a more organized way to do it...hence that tracker stickers. :) I like how they make my planner more organized looking. :) I do like to doodle in my planner every-so-often though...and there's not much room for that, but I figured that this IS my "master planner" and so it would make sense that more stuff would been to be tracked on this planner than my other's. At least I can doodle and express myself art wise in my other planners! But I do love how this one is coming along! :)

Well, here's to the new week and a new month! Whoooohoooo!! :)

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