Monday, January 23, 2017

Before the Pen: Jan 23-Jan29.

I am excited for this week! This will be a good week! I specifically picked this sticker kit from DesignStickerStore because I just love the color combination and I love all the flowers and polar bear stickers. I tried to make it so that whenever I see this planner in the morning when I wake up and when I get home it will make me smile. Simple things make me smile and seeing an organized and pretty layout in my planner makes me smile. :)  I am consciously going to work really, really hard to sleep at a decent time. I bought Melatonin if it comes to it, I will take it. I hate taking pills of any kind. Oh yeah, I have to say...I LOVE the rubber stamps that I got from Target! I am SO thankful for the dollar section at Target! :) This will be a good week. :)

Planner {love} Passion Planner
Planner Sticker Kit {love} DesignStickerStore
Stickers {love} StickiiClub & Pipsticks & personal stash & my own