Monday, January 2, 2017

Before the pen: Jan 02-Jan 08.

I LOVE the stickers that I used in this layout! I love the color combinations of pink, white, black...and anything with gold! I love flowers. I love stripes. I love polka dots. I love this whole layout! Although this is my second week using this classic planner, I feel like as if it's new, new, new....maybe its because its a new year...and I am glad that I get to use this beautiful layout! It's my last week of break...and so I have a lot of things planned that I want to do before school starts again. But here is to the first full week of the new year!

I thought that it would be fun to take a picture and post up the first entry I had last year in my compact Passion Planner! I had gone back to California for the holidays and so I was still there for a part of it...and it made me smile to see that at this time last year, I was with my best friend. :)

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