Sunday, January 29, 2017

After the pen: Jan. 23-Jan29.

This was a very productive week for me (despite having a minor setback on Thursday when I had to go home early fro work coz I caught whatever bug the keikis had)! My highlight this week was when we celebrated my adorable nephew's 2nd birthday. his presence has made my world a lot brighter, that's for sure! I am pumped and read to see what this next week will bring!

I am now comfortable with the flow of how I do my planner. And I am learning to love the Monday start and the classic size of this planner does not intimidate me as much anymore. It is "Master Planner" so it does stay home and I look at it constantly when I am home. I have a compact sized planner that I take with that is more mobile, but this one connects all my other planners/to-do list together.

My favorite part of my planner (well, all of it is!), is what I like to call my "planner's highway." And that is the middle-ish part of my planner where I place the full-box stickers. When I use to only have my compact planner, I really didn't like how all the post-its that I would use would cover a lot of the planner and the words that I would write. My "planner's highway" allows me to still use all the post-its that I want and at a glance I can see where I can stick the things that I need to do, but don't really need to have a definite place for them-without them covering everything!

What I like to do with my "planner's highway" is put like a "mobile" to-do list. For example, I know that I like to vacuum at least twice a week. So, on 2 separate post-it, I will write down "vacuum"  and place one on one side of the week and the other on the other. And it is a visual for me to see that I have to so many days to still vacuum until the next half of the week or visa versa. I do it with a lot of things that I see that I spend to much time with like writing postcards for Postcrossing or SendKidsTheWorld. I can write postcards for those two company's all day! I love doing it! So I designate two days a week that I do it...however, if I find that I have time and have finished all my other tasks for that day, I still am guilty of writing more. :) Or making art in my art journals...and so forth. So that is why I like my "highway" in my planner. I hope that makes sense! :)

Well, I like productive weeks-yet HATE feeling not well! But I think everyone does! So yay! For such an accomplished week! :)

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