Sunday, January 1, 2017

After the pen: Dec. 26-Jan. 01.

This was a trial run with my full classic size Passion Planner...I had to see how I liked this. I was also trying this out with the layout and how I was going to use this planner...and I think that I like how this is going. There are a few things that I might change up, and new stickers that I want to make, and just the things that I want to put in here.

And here it is! Here is the "after the pen" entry! I like it...I feel like I have to re-access how I am going to use this planner since I feel like I am not using it to the best of what I can. But I like how I am incorporating post-its...and I really like how the planner is larger and has more room so that I can put that section where I place the post-its. I really disliked how in the compact my post-its would cover the things that I wrote, but this way, it doesn't. I like how I  can see everything that I write. So, I would say, yes, I like this size planner...takes getting used to, but I think that I will adapt to it well.

Oh yeah, I use this planner as my master planner and I leave it at home...I plan for it to keep me grounded whenever I come home. I sit down with it for a bit before work and I look and add to it when I get home. I think I like how that works.