Thursday, January 5, 2017

Adventure Art Journal: Zoo Day.

Last Thursday, Tutu A and a friend of mine went and took my DollGirl on a fun day. I love going out to explore...but I love how my DollGirl is at that age that she can come with me as well and enjoy exploring as well! I love taking her places and I love seeing her face light us when she sees things that only going ON an adventure can do!

We had taken her to the Honolulu Zoo, and so this is my first entry in my Adventure Art Journal. I had taken the map that they had given us at the zoo and used it to make a collage of what we did! I think that I might save up to buy a Instax Camera...or a Polaroid camera so that I can add pictures of us as well to the collage. I think that that would be fun...but I like how this turned out.

 I think that that is what I should be doing. Using the paraphernalia that they give me whenever I go traveling around to make's recycling and it's a good memory keeper, that's for sure!