Thursday, November 24, 2016


Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! I love this holiday...well, I love this time of the year when the holidays come around...but I especially love Thanksgiving because everyone is just! :) I know that we should be like this at all times, and I feel as if I am...but then I feel it more around me and it's a nice feeling. The bummer today was the I was not feeling so well. I think that maybe I was just exhausted from everything...and with my sleeping problem, my body knew that it was on vacation mode and so it was not helping with trying to be up and at 'em! Oh well, I still have a beautiful day filled with family and friends. :)

I had gone over at my sister's house (where we annually have out Thanksgiving feast) to play with the little ones while Mama was in the kitchen cooking up a storm and their dad was fixing my car (I love my brother-in-law!!). We made a lot of crafts...mainly colored paper and made a butt load of paper airplanes! That was a lot of fun! And little KaiBoy had fun chasing all the airplanes! It was so cute to watch and be a part of! Then KaiBoy had to go down for a nap and so I took DollGirl outside for a walk for me and she rode her bike.

I live by the ocean...and I know that I will never get tired of the amazing view from my window or the sounds of the waves crashing on the shore at all times of the day...and the cool breeze coming in from the ocean...I love it and I will always choose to live by the ocean (if I have a choice!) However, my sister lives in the valley surrounded by mountains. I know that Oahu is known for it's gorgeous beaches...but wow, the views and hikes of the mountains are just a beautiful! It's a lot cooler and it rains more where my sister lives and she only lives like 10 minutes away from where I live...but that is the difference if you live by the ocean and in the middle of mountains.

And my sister's neighborhood is really nice and kid-friendly. Actually, a lot of my preschool ohana lives here! I didn't know that until Halloween when it was one of my parents who hosted the neighborhood Halloween entertainment! And wow, did they throw it down! Stage, fog machine, HUGE spider decorations, lights, EVERYTHING! And that's when I realized that a lot of them lived that's good!

I adore how grown-up my DollGirl is now! She is so independent and her own unique self. I see so much of her mom and dad in her...and I even see how she is like her grandparents (my parents)...she is so kind-hearted, super curious, loving, smart...SUPER smart (I might be a little bit biased. :)), and loves to take initiative-somtimes to the annoyance of her parents! I got her a tool set for her birthday...a REAL tool set and she loves to use them, and she will call everything by name and she knows how to use all the tools.  She is her dad's little shadow and wants to be exactly like him. It's super cute!

~Bragging/Proud Aunty Moment!~
Side story: So I was trying to move my classroom furniture around to accommodate these extra storage space that my TA had given me, and some of the furniture was so heavy and my DollGirl was there and she said, "Aunty, you need a dolly to move the heavy furniture" and this one other child who was also there went and took a Doll (toy) and gave it to me...and DollGirl was like "No, a dolly"...I knew what she meant though! And when I told her I didn't have one here at the school. She then looked at the furniture I was trying to move (which was this one movable shelf (with no wheels) that was like 7 feet long and I was just trying to move it over a few inches) and she said that I have a moving blanket we could put it under the shelf and pull the blanket. Yep, just like her dad...the way she analyzes situations and try to come up with a solutions. It still cracks me up when she tries to explain to her friends that they need a "stabilizer" on the bottom of their block buildings so that it won't fall down. She goes..."it needs a strong base!" Oh my DollGirl!

My family loves puzzles...I'm okay with them, I can sometimes sit there and do it...but not for long, I can't sit still long...and neither can my sister, however there is usually a puzzle going on when we are all together. And today was no exception. They usually do a 1000 piece puzzle...for Christmas one year I gave them a 3000 puzzle...and it's still there, undone...but every so often, they pull it out and put some pieces together. :) Their thing is that no one can leave until it's done...but they are pretty fast at it anyways...with my sister and I having our moments by the table trying to help. This year, Kuya Neal decided to make it that much harder by placing the puzzle on a pattered top! What?! :)

So, this is the first time that we are having our Thanksgiving gathering at my sister's "new" house since she just moved her in June...and also the first time using the table that Kuya Neal built for my sister. He is such a handy man!

Even though Kuya Neal is a vegetarian, he was the one who was carving the turkey! Oh, I love the white meat! It's my favorite meat!

I am sitting on Kuya Neal's recliner chair right by the window and I love my sister's view! You can see the beautiful view of the mountains! And I love how green everything is!

And I turn my head, and here is my little KaiBoy on his way to me with a book. Whenever you sit in this recliner, KaiBoy takes it as an invitation to bring you a book so that he can cuddle with you as you read to him. I am not complaining. Ever. I love that.

I didn't really take much pictures of the food, since I do try to live in the moment and we were busy just being with each and of course stuffing our self with the amazing food that my sister cooked! So good everything was! But I am so glad that I am with my family. After being away from them for 6 years...I never want to be without my family...and I love my family. So much. I love them.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!