Monday, November 14, 2016

Super Moon.

Although the super moon is today, I went up the Makapu'u Lighthouse trail yesterday with some friends and family to see the moon. I did end up going to the beach to see the moon just a bit ago, but it was last night that it really blew me away. So, as it's been going around that it's the super moon tonight, and it's supposedly bigger than a normal full moon. I love the full moon.

Long ago, at what seemed like a different lifetime, I had this friend who once told me that whenever I get lonely, just look up and see the moon...and know that he is thinking of me too when he sees the moon. We use to sit outside for hours just talking under the moon, the stars, the night sky...and I remember telling him that it made me sad to think that there might come a time in our life where we will be separated and I wouldn't have him in my life...I know that probable a lot of other friends have done that whole "look at the stars/moon/clouds/sky and know I'm looking/thinking/under it too...blah-blah-blah." It's not the most original thing, but I remember...and that's all that matters between him and I. I don't get sad...I'm happy that we had our moment in our life. And it makes me smile.

Even though I've lived here in Hawai'i for a little bit more than 6 years, I have never climbed the Makapu'u Lighthouse Trial! I have been down that area...and I don't really like it per say, because there are centipedes galore EVERY TIME I GO THERE! And this time there was no exception. However, we were on the cement trail this time and so as long as I stayed on the cement, I didn't see any...and of course, since I have never climbed this STEEP climb...I didn't realize just how steep it was! Or how FOREVER it just kept going! But the view was out of this world for sure!

Well, I had gone with my sister and her family since parking could be a bitch...and I knew that it was going to be even worse since I knew that many people would be going there to see the moon. I ended up holding my DollGirl's hand...and you know what she wanted to do?! Run. The whole way. I died. *laughs* No, not really...but I felt like my heart was going to explode form my chest. Yes, I have started running again,...but definitely NOT uphill! And for that long...and dragging a 35 pound little fireball! Well, I shouldn't say that I started to run but I have started to "jog" again. On the flat roads of Lanikai...and this whole running business last night was NOT the business...but hey, I did have fun with my DollGirl. :)

But as I said, I had decided to "climb" the (unexpected) climb of the Makapu'u Lighthouse Trail to see the moon, and it was amazing...however, I was more amazed with the gorgeous sunset! I love watching the sun set over the ocean...but I also love watching the moon rise over the water (which is why I love where I live because I get to witness both any day that I want...and I love that!) But I was in so awe of the gorgeous, amazing, breath-taking sunset!

I have the worst phone to be taking pictures at night! Experiencing the moon at any time is an in-person event because trying to capture it in a picture will just ruin it. I did try though...and those were the results...nothing to spectacular...but in-person it was amazing! I love the moonlit water! I can just imagine being a mermaid and just playing in the water!

So, like I said, I walked the Makapu'u Lighthouse Trail last night...and just awhile ago, I was able to go to to the shore side of my favorite beach to watch the moon rise...and it was amazing! And I took this picture when I walked home after experiencing the moon on the shores of Lanikai...and that is the true beautiful.

I honestly have to say that if no one told me that it was the super moon, I wouldn't have known, I love the full moon and I love it lights the dark to that very calming glow. The full moon is the most perfect nightlight ever! I love it!

I love living here in Hawa'i. I call it home (now) and I hope to never take advantage of the beautiful things that are here. This last picture, my brother-in-law sent me...he has a better phone beautiful! :)