Thursday, November 10, 2016

Sparkles of Stickers: November 2016.

 I came home to several packages waiting for me at my doorstep and right on top of everything was my pink envelope and I was super excited to open it to see what amazing planner kits I got this month!

Sparkles of Stickers is a monthly planner sticker subscription that costs $15/month (plus s/h). You get 2 full weekly spread kits for your Erin Condren Life Planner, however although I don't own one (it's not really my style, but I hear it's a nice planner!) I can still use it for my Passion Planner (that's the main planner that I plan to use these stickers with). The envelopes are sent out on the first of the month and you get a tracking number to track your envelope.

Pink is my favorite color and so I get so happy when I see anything pink in my mail basket/doorstep for me! :)

And there are my two planner sticker kits that I got this month! I am already loving the first kit colors!

Do you see the hot air balloons! I love it! I super love it! And I also love the middle full box sticker...I love seeing fall leaves since I don't get much of that here in Hawai'i. It's times like this that I miss living in a place where it actually has the 4 seasons. But I'm not complaining...just saying that I miss it at times. :)

The planner that I usually use these kits in starts on Sunday, so I'm unable to use the weekend banner...I'm not sure I like that or not...but that's okay, I can always use them in other projects of mine.

I do appreciate that these kits are always the same styles, since I tend to do up my planner in similar ways...and I know that I can use at least this one kit for two weeks...if I feel like it. I do like the colors, but I do tend to like brighter colors, but that's okay. :)

I love when the holidays are here! And look, CHRISTMAS WREATHS! :) I honestly though I drop the decor sticker sheet. I looked all over the floor for it and even in the pink envelope and at each sheet...but there was I did write Alitzah (the founder of Sparkles of Stickers) and she replied really fast! But sadly, there was no decor sticker sheet with this kit this month. :(

I really like the top middle full box sticker...they are just gold little, tiny, cute stars on a white simple, but I really love it! :)

I wasn't a big fan of this kit that much...but that's okay, I know that I can either split it up to the colors that I like together. I do like how it's Christmas-y, but not bam-in-your-face Christmas-y.

And there are the two kits that I got. I have to say that the colors do look a bit washed out...but maybe that is the look that she was going for this month. And both kits have similar colors to each other. Plus, I tend to like the more brighter colors...I do like how you can feel the holiday feeling to both of them...and I know that I can get at least 4 weekly spreads with these two kits since I don't do the whole "no-white-space" designing in my planner. But I still like this subscription. :)

If you would like to subscribe to this subscribe to Sparkles of Stickers, I am sure that you won't be disappointed! I know that there are different planner styles out there, but if you like the cutesy, themed ones, then I suggest that you go for this one! I like it, and I hope that you will too! There are only a limited amount of space for this subscription, so I suggest that you subscribe whenever you see that there is a space to subscribe!