Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Postcards going out!

Tina from Germany will be getting this "Aloha from Hawai'i" postcard. She seems like a real outdoorsy person, according to her profile. And I think that it's pretty awesome cool that she likes manatees and pacific seadragons. (Which I have to admit, I had to look up what seadragon was...it's like a seahorse!) She had a few requests for the postcards that she liked to receive and "beautiful landscape (single view...)" and "greetings from...cards" where the type of cards she said that she would like to have. So I decided to send her this postcard. I hope that she likes it!

This picture postcard of the beautiful Makapu'u Beach will be on it's way to Russia to Alla. She mentioned that she is a former mathematician. She didn't really have a lot on her profile, bu she did mention that she wanted postcards that were "beautiful views of [you] city or country" and so you can't really go wrong with this postcard! I hope she likes it!

April of North Carolina, USA didn't have much at all on her profile but a list of postcards that she wanted. One of the things mentioned on her list was flowers, so I decided to send her this one of the beautiful pikake flowers. I told her that I appreciated flowers as well and that I liked how I am around flowers enough that I get to bring them home with me! I hope she likes this postcard!

Kristyna mentioned that she wanted map postcards, so I decided on this postcard for her! Tomorrow morning it will be on it's way to Czech Republic, where she lives. She, also, didn't really have much on her profile, but a list of postcards that she wanted. But she did say that she wanted Once Upon a Time  postcards, and so I wrote that I love that TV show as well! I hope she likes this postcard!

This postcard is my second postcard to Melissa of the Philippines. I received her postcard yesterday and so I decided to write her back. On her postcards, she asked me how long was I in school for in the Philippines, and so I told her that I was there on and off from the years 2004-2010. Wow, just writing that makes it seem as if I was there FOREVER! I think that it's cool that she lives close to my mom's family there in the Philippines!!!

Well, tomorrow morning these postcard will be on their way to their countries...how I wish I can travel with them...! That would be so cool if I was able to visit all the countries! I hope all the postcards get to their destinations!