Friday, November 18, 2016

Perfect Postcards!

 This gorgeous, vibrant postcard traveled 29 days to get to me from Portugal! This is my first postcard that I received from this beautiful country and I am so excited to call it mine! :) Clotilde wrote that she likes curious people who are curious about that world. I love this postcard that she sent to me, and I appreciate the airplane stamp and the puffy, glitter star sticker that she sent as well! How sweet and thoughtful! :)

After elephants, polar bears are my second favorite animals. And so I was excited to get this postcard from Finland! Surprisingly enough it also took 29 days to get to me and as coincidence would have it, on her profile she has a motto about being curious and it's, "Never lose your curiosity towards the world." I want to say that I don't believe in coincidences...but wow, two postcards from two completely different places, that took 29 days AND both mentioned the word curiosity in them. WOW! :) But this young lady, Stephanie, seems like a real nice person! She seems so down to earth and just super friendly! I love the postcard that she chose form me, too!

Yep, I love both postcards that were sent to me! And I am happy! :)