Tuesday, November 22, 2016

PeelyPack November 2016: On The Farm!

 After work I decided to stop by my sister's house since I hadn't seen her in awhile and I wanted to play with my DollGirl and KaiBoy...and when I walked into the door, my niece ran up to me to tell me that her PeelyPack and had arrived and she wanted to open it with me and do some sticker projects with me! :) I had changed the shipping address to my house so that I can give it to her (and because I wanted to take pictures of everything before she opened it! I just open it really carefully! :)) I have to say that they have excellent costumer service! I SO recommend this subscription to anyone with kids! And I appreciate them even more after I had to contact them about the address change...! They were so prompt and super nice!

 PeelyPack is a monthly subscription "envelop" that "is full of fun...that kids can do all on their own!" According to their website, "The original PeelyPack ($11.99 ) comes with 10 sheets of awesome stickers, plenty for several sticker sessions. The FamilyPack ($19.99 ) has double the stickers-that's 20 sheets! The stickers are based on a different theme each month, and sometimes we throw in a fun surprise, too!" All the stickers come in a portable designed large activity sheet that is "perfect for coloring or using with stickers." It also has suggestions on "fun play tips to help you get your child thinking and learning. Talking over sticker play time is a great way for kids and parents to learn and bond."

Here is the envelope that came in the mail with my little DollGirl's hands...I love it! :)

And she really wanted me to take a picture of her smiling super big because she is super happy for her stickers! I am so proud of her for not tearing the whole thing open! She wanted to be part of the "photo shoot" I was doing to take pictures of her stickers! :)

I like how it comes in a clean envelope that protects the pack as it is traveling to us! :)

You open the pack and I love how everything is contained inside the make-shift pack!

This month's theme is On the Farm...and as DollGirl was taking out her stickers..her little brother was right next to her making all the sounds of that animals that he could see! It was SUPER cute! KaiBoy will be 2 years in 2 months!

Behind that introduction card pamphlet thing, was this scenery. DollGirl said that if she was there she would want to play hide-and-seek! :)

Here is what the "Pack Envelope" was...I love the farm/barn activity sheet! DollGirl knew exactly what it was when she saw it...and I was telling her that when I was younger and living in California still,  I had an Auntie that owned a farm and we use to go to her farm and play with all the animals and I was telling her all the memories that her mom and I (and her uncle) had playing on the farm. I wish I could have taken her there. She would have LOVED it.

My DollGirl was SUPER excited to see this blank postcard! She said that she was going to decorate it for her cousin in the mainland...and whom she is super close with. :)

I absolutely adore these pattered hearts! I wanted to keep them...and when I said that, DollGirl said that I could...but I told her that it's okay...I wanted her to have it since I have a lot of heart stickers already. I love how she loves to share!

I LOVE these shiny, foiled fall leaves! I sooooo love these!!

These turkey stickers were my DollGirl's favorite stickers...:)

And these were KaiBoy's favorite stickers! And yes my DollGirl let him have it. She has such a giving heart! And that is why I don't mind spoiling her with this very educational and fun subscription!

Both DollGirl and I both agreed that after seeing these stickers we wanted to make some milk shakes afterwards! :)

 I had to explain to DollGirl what these were (pie tops)...but she couldn't really see it...but then again we don't really have any pies.

These were another one of DollGirl's favorites....just like her daddy! :)

And that was that! I think that all the stickers and activities and question prompts are super awesome and so education...and I am sooo very happy with this subscription and I will tell everyone about this subscription...

So here is DollGirl showing you what her favorite stickers were in this pack...yep the turkey stickers!

And here is DollGirl decorating her postcard for her cousin. She wrote all the letters herself and chose all the stickers herself...and she super proud of herself...like I am proud of her too! :)

 I was excited watching my DollGirl get excited as she was unfolding and discovering all her stickers! I would totally recommend this sticker pack for your child, or even for a fun "just because" present for any child. I guess you can make your own set, but I know that my DollGirl LOVES getting things in the mail (just like her Auntie! :)) And it was fun opening her pack with her and watching her face show the excitement I, too, was feeling in my heart. :) So, if you would like to join in with the sticker fun with us, please feel free to click here and subscribe to this fun-filled sticker subscription funness! :)