Friday, November 4, 2016

Passion Planner.

I love this planner. Passion Planner. So, one of the things that I really admire about them is that they have a "Get one, Give one" program and I decided to apply for one. I did so a few weeks ago and today I finally got my Passion Planner.

The planner that they sent me was the Academic Classic Planner for 2016-2017. Since I am already using a Passion Planner for this year, I am planning on saving this one for the start of the new year and just change the dates on the pages so that I can make this a Monday start planner and also have it start with the coming year. I really do love this planner. I appreciate the layout and the pages that help you reflect at the end of each month. I love how it's simple to use and very custom-able to how you want to use it. It's not that heavy to carry around and that is a big plus for me with the compact planner that I am currently using now. Since this one is the classic one and so therefore a bit larger than the one that I am currently using, I think that this one will be staying in my teacher bag come the new year, instead of my personal bag. But that's okay, I know that this one will definitely be put to good use just like that one that I am using now. :)

I appreciate the stickers that they sent with the planner and I have a feeling that I might be decorating the cover a bit with either stickers of my own or metallic pens! I do appreciate how soft it is though!

I do recommend this planner though. It's simple to use with powerful effects if used in the correct way and with drive and passion. :)