Sunday, November 20, 2016

Paint Party!

Earlier this week, my friend texted me a flyer about this fundraiser at her son's school. It was called "Paint Party"and it actually was held at my sister-in-laws school. I have heard about these Paint Parties, with different names and I have always wanted to try. But me being all introverted and not really good with a lot of people that I don't know and so this was the perfect opportunity to go and try this out! I asked my friend if she wanted to come with me and so agreed. When we got there, I realized that my sister-in-law was also attending the event.

So, when we got there there were little stations with easels, canvas, paint and brushes that we could choose to sit at. We picked out our sitting arrangements and got some pupus to snack on while everyone was arriving (we got there about 15 minutes earlier).

So we started out painting after introducing ourselves to everyone that arrived (note: please do not ask an introvert with anxiety issues to introduce herself! It's VERY nerve wrecking!). The first part wasn't that hard to get. Then it started to get harder to follow what the instructor was doing!

When we had to paint the dark part around our "sun" it was getting harder to blend without all the color turning brown. It was really hard to see what was going on..and the blending wasn't working with me. I felt like I was doing make up on canvas! Blend, blend, blend!

More blending....I had to stop for a bit so that it could dry and I can continue trying to figure out the sky...

Okay, I know that was a big skip in the pictures...but I forgot to take pictures of the step by step process. I think that making the ocean part was the easiest part. The far breaks were pretty easy to create, however that wave in the front was the most difficult part!

I think that in the pictures the wave actually pretty decent..I think that it was hard because I couldn't figure out what we were doing since we didn't get to see what we were doing at first...but that's okay...because I now know the steps on how to make a wave! :)

So here is the painting with both the sky and water. I hadn't finished the sky yet and I have to fix the waterline where it touches the sky and I really don't like how my sun is looking.

Here is my friend who came with me looking all professional! I think that she is doing a great job! I really like her's turned out!

I just added the clouds and fixed the horizon...and touched up on the sun. I really want to fix more...but I feel like the more that I try to, the more I mess it up and so I just left it..and you know what?! I'm happy with how it turned out! It all worked out!

And here are my sister-in-laws, my friend who came with me, and my paintings. I like how they look different and unique in their own art.

All-in-all, I had a lot of fun. Once I started to pain, I didn't even see all those people that had gone and all my anxiety disappeared. I was just having fun with it and trying to get everything all right. It was a lot of harder than I thought that it would be...but then I am glad that I got to learn new techniques on how to paint. Because I do like to mess around in painting...but i just never really knew how...but I would so do this again. There wasn't that many people there and it was a very fun and relaxed environment. Yay to fun moments! :)