Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Off they go!

This postcard will be traveling to Malaysia. I believe that this is the first postcard that I will be sending to Malaysia...so that is pretty awesome! :) She requested posted that showcases my country's "unique side"...and I believe that this postcard portrays that "unique side" of the amazing beaches. :) She said that she was interested in quotes and so I decided to send her some fun quotes and decorate her postcard with some washi tape and stickers! :) I hope you enjoy this beautiful postcard!

This postcard will be going to a gentleman who has been part of Postcrossing for over 4 years! He has [currently] sent out 3, 187 postcards and has received 3,167! That's a lot! I hope I get that much one day! :) In his profile he wrote that he was 18 years old and is attending a university. It looks like he enjoys sports and such. He asked for postcards illustrating "state or political figures of your country {kings}, cities and landscapes; views of where you live" and he wrote," It would be great is the title of your cite will be written on the card." So I decided to send him this multi-view postcard. I hope that he likes it!