Monday, November 7, 2016

More postcards for me!

I rarely get square postcards, and so I was surprised when I not only got one square postcard, but TWO postcards on the same day. :)

This beautiful postcard is from Monique of the Netherlands. It took 18 days to get to me and I'm so glad that it did get to me. :) She wrote that she used to live by the sea and that she missed it so much. She mentioned that she use to see the ocean every day, but 20 years ago, she moved and now she just dreams of it.  I hope that one day she will be able to come back to the ocean and experience it again.

This postcard is from Melissa of the Philippines. This is the second postcard that she has sent and she requested that we be postcard pals. I am planning on writing her back...but I'm not going to promise anything. But she seems like a real sweet person. She wrote about how she loves to travel and that she would love to explore Hawai'i one of these days. She also let me know that she likes to shop...and it seems as if she likes pens and stickers like that pretty cool. :) She also asked me if there was any of the snacks that were drawn on this postcard. I do like Turon! :)