Monday, November 21, 2016

Incoming and Outgoing.

I have come to the realization that I absolutely adore all kind of elephant postcards! We all know already that I love elephants in general, however I love that even though the people who send me these wonderful elephant postcards don't even know me, what they get from my profile is that I appreciate elephants and so I have been getting plenty of elephant postcards! Like this one! This one came to me from Czech Republic and it took 13 days to get o me...and I absolutely love how she decorated it with elephant stickers and washi tape! I love how thoughtful she was about that! She also seems to like things that I like. How awesome is that?! :)

This is another postcard from Henriƫtte. She sent me this postcard because she asked me if I would write a surprise postcard to her daughter, and so I did here and I did so not expecting anything in return! I like to send "smiles" in the mail, and yes, I do love receiving as well, and so I was super happy when I got this adorable postcard! I super adored the other elephant postcard she sent me and the only other postcard that tops that one is this one! Isn't it just so cute?! Henriƫtte and her daughter are from the Netherlands...and they are just the sweetest people!

This postcard will be it's way to Taiwan to a young lady named Jacy. I have really been enjoying he decorated postcards that I have been getting and so I decided to start decorating my postcards more...and so here is me adding stickers from my Pipsticks subscription and trying to send a little bit more of a smile her way. :) She requested a postcard with some of our famous landmarks...and of course our Diamond Head lighthouse is one of them...:) I hope she likes it!

I have decided that all of the Pipsticks pre-stamped postcard will be going to my best friend. I have one more to design for her (I never got the time to send one last month) but this one I wanted to let her know how blessed I am to have her in my life. She is one person that has stayed close with me even though I moved away from California. And I really appreciate that. When I left CA, I was broken, and she was one of the two people who stuck with me until I was able to breathe again...and I will be eternally grateful for that. She is my best friend and I love, miss, appreciate her. 

I have learned a few things about sending postcard in the few months that I have joined up with Postcrossing...and one is that there are so many people out there in the world. I mean, I knew that already...but I have learned that I like how with just a postcard, I can meet so many people that I would have otherwise never known existed. There are people that I have received postcards from that I feel like we could have been friends had we lived closer. And it just fuels my longing to just travel and to meet people. I know that I'm not good in groups of people, but one-on-one with someone that I know have a connection with, now, that I can do. I love receiving all these postcards from around world and just getting a glimpse of someone's life with just a few thougthful words on their postcard and the choice of the postcard that they decided to send to me. I love it.