Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Goodbyes, family, and postcards

A few weeks ago while I was in the middle of a TV show episode...my television "turned off" and although the red light was on to "say" that it was on...the screen stayed dark. It was sad, but I knew that I had to retire my beloved tv that "served" me so well over the years! So since it was bulk day tomorrow, I asked my brother-in-law to come and carry it out for me. I knew that there was NO WAY that I could carry this super heavy tv...he was able to carry it easily!

There she is...just standing all alone waiting to be picked up for the last time. Thank you for all the entertainment, my friend! :)

Well, Neal got to my house before me and brought up my mail for me and left it in my doorway for me to find. I love seeing all these postcards from around the world! I love them all!

This gorgeous orchid postcard was en route for 9 days from the Netherlands from Jeroen. He has been a member of postcrossing for FIVE years! And he has thousands of postcards! That is SUPER awesome! But he wrote that he lives in the oldest city in his country in a city called Nijmegen. He also wrote this phrase in his native language, "Bloemen houden van mensen" which means "Flowers love people." How awesome cool is that! I love my postcard and the stamp depicting the beautiful, beautiful flower fields! Thank you!

This beautiful postcard is from Julia of Belarus. In the beginning of this month, she asked if we could direct swap postcards and I sent her this postcard; I hope she liked it! She really seems like a very sweet young lady and I am glad that I "met" her! I feel like I have been getting a lot of postcards from Belarus--it makes me what to visit there with all the pretty postcards that I've been getting! I REALLY love how she added a CUTE CUTE kawaii sticker! That was super thoughtful!:)

After I read the postcards and showed them to Neal, my sister called and asked if we wanted to go out to eat at California Pizza Kitchen as a family. My sister will be heading to the Big Island tomorrow for a 3-day wedding...and she just wanted to be a family for awhile before going where I am pretty sure is chaotically crazy! But that was a nice ending to a long day! Goodbye TV, hello postcards, and I love my ohana! :)