Wednesday, November 23, 2016

From Russia.

This postcard that traveled 35 days from Russia has got to be one of my top favorite postcards! I love it! It says "music" in the Russian language and I love how unique it looks! The young lady who sent it to me, Ksenia, wrote that she to "adores" music and that this was her first postcard that she has sent to Hawai'i! I feel as if she and I would have connected and would have had a long conversation had she lived (or I lived) nearer. I love the way that she decorated the postcard as well...she fade stamped it with cute hearts and then added gold stars on white washi on it! So beautiful! She also wrote that she loved Adele and her song Hello...and when I registered her card, I told her that I really love how music can connect people because that song also has a deep meaning with me! Ksenia is another young lady I feel like I would get along with had we met in person...I am glad that I got this music themed postcard from her. It's beautiful. :)