Sunday, November 6, 2016

From Czech Republic.

I didn't have time to post about this fun postcard that I got on Saturday,  and so I am doing this now. :)

Twelve days ago, Misa sent me this super fun postcard from Czech Republic! I love how she wrote a lot on the postcard! I usually get a quick message in bigger font and then that's it...but this one was written in smaller font and a lot...and I like that a lot! I guess it can get hard to figure out what to write to a total I understand. :) But Misa wrote that she was a teacher as well and she liked a lot of stuff that I was interested in too! One thing that I saw that we definitely were the same about was that she mentioned that she did not like spiders and waking up early in the morning. Hey, that sounds like ME! :) She also told me that she made a Postcrossing account for her classroom...and so I told her that I didn't mind sending her class a postcard from my preschool class! I think that that would be fun! :)

I love love love that stamps that she used! How beautiful are they! I super love them! The picture does not do them justice either...they are just so beautiful...

And I think that that was really sweet that she added some stickers to my postcard since I did mention on my Postcrossing profile that I love stickers. I like nice people! And Misa seems like a nice person. :) Thank you, Misa, I LOVE my postcard, stamps, and thoughtful message! :)