Wednesday, November 9, 2016

For Cheyenne.

My teacher's assistant (T.A.) came into my classroom telling me about this young girl named Cheyenne Urban from Illinois. Her birthday was yesterday, and all she wanted for her 16th birthday was some aloha love from Hawai'i. According to her mom, Cheyenne suffers from severe anxiety and she is not able to travel to Hawai'i because of it. "...up until three years ago Cheyenne was an honor roll student and ahead of most in her grade level. That was until Cheyenne slipped and fell in the parking lot, after football practice one day, resulting in traumatic brain injury." I know that it's a day later than her birthday, but I still wanted to send her some postcards of pretty places here in Hawai'i. So, Mrs. A, my T.A. bought a lot of postcards and I had a lot of postcard postage...and I had my preschool keikis decorate their own postcards for Cheyenne. I told them about the girl that they will be sending the postcard to and let them watch this video.

This is one of my favorite postcard designs, so I decided to write on this postcard and explain what my class (and several other classes in my school) was doing.

"Happy birthday Cheyenne! My name is Charity and I am a 2-year-old preschool teacher on the island of Oahu. I heard that it's your birthday and you wanted some cards from Hawai'i! I hope you enjoy this postcard and all the other postcards you should be getting from my 2-yo class and some from the other classrooms. :) We tried to pick some with the pretty pictures of our state for you to see and look through. We are praying for you and we hope you get your dream of one day coming here to Hawai'i. The kids enjoyed drawing and decorating their cards for you with stickers. We send these cards with positive vibes, warm hugs, loving kisses, and aloha. Stay strong, Cheyenne! <3 (I wrote this on all the cards from us: <3, Kailua Methodist Preschool. Aloha, Charity" And of course, I had to add some stickers! :) I know that you can see the address, but I'm going to leave it there, so in-case any of you would like to send her a postcard. I have a feeling that even if you aren't from Hawai'i, a card of encouragement can go a long way. :)

This is the postcard that my T.A. decided to send to Cheyenne. Another of my favorites! :)

"Cheyenne, Keep looking toward the horizon, there will be something at the end, that one day your wish will come true. Aloha, Mrs. A"

Here are some of the keiki's in the process of decorating their postcards. I let them choose their own set of stickers...and I had pens out for them that they can "write" her something. I hope that she understand that they are only 2-3 year's old...and that even though it's just "scribbles" they mean something. They also practiced fine motor skills taking the stickers off the sheet and putting them on their own postcard. I took a picture of the postcards that they did...but I wasn't able to take pictures of the ones that the older keiki did, but that's okay...another teacher volunteered to take them down to the post office to send them on their way. :)

Oh, and on the left side of the postcard, I wrote the child's name and their age.

And there they are...those are only a few that I had a time to take a picture of...but I hope that she is able to "see" between the "lines, scribbles, and stickers" that the children did this with heart. And Cheyenne...we send these postcards with love and aloha.