Friday, November 25, 2016

DIY Advent Calendar.

I think that it is a well-know fact that I love love love stickers and so I decided to make an Advent Calendar using stickers from my sticker collection and also some Christmas stickers that I bought from Target (I just LOVE LOVE the dollar section of Target! You can get some awesome stuff from there, you know! :))

Things needed (to make 1 Advent Calendar--I made two in this post)
3-whole sheets of construction paper (you can choose whatever color you want)
25-5"x3" burlap pockets
as many stickers as you want (to fill up the burlap pockets)
a pen
a ruler

I first took 3 regular construction paper and cut them in half lengthwise and on one half sheet I marked two inch boxes and then on all of the half sheets I drew a line 1/2 inch from the bottom. (I only need 2 1/2 sheets of construction papers though)

So it ends up looking like this when you are done.

I did the same thing to the green.

So when you are finished with all the measuring, I had them out like this, then I put this part to the side.

Then with any colored ribbon, I put tape on the end and then I....

started lacing the one set of 25 burlap pockets with the color green.

Yay! I'm finally done! I might be easier if you had one of those large craft needles, but I didn't and so the tape on the end helped.

Then I started lacing the other set of 25 burlap pockets.

I continued this until I was done with all the lacing!

Here are the two sets of 25 burlap pockets all laced with their ribbons. Then I put that aside

and brought back the stack of half construction sheets and cut out the rectangles.

Fold where the bottom line is. (For a faster folding experience, use a ruler)

Here are all my green squares all cut and folded.

Then I tested it out to make sure that the rectangular fit in the pocket! It does! :)

The I started to write the countdown on each sheet of paper started with "24 days until Christmas!"

All the way down to Christmas day! :)

So here is another reminder...START at 24 days of Christmas and end at Merry Christmas.

Then you do it all over again with your other set (if you are making two, like I am!)

I then went through my sticker collection and chose stickers that I thought that my niece and nephew might like...

And then placed each sticker where they should go in each pile. (in this case, my nephew had the red cards and my niece has the green cards.)

For me, I paired the red cards with the green can choose whatever colors that you want...

Then stick them in the burlap pockets! Remember to start in the correct side, depending on what side you want the ribbon, on the front or the back...I chose to have the ribbon on the back.

Did that with both sets...

And I thought that I was all done with that part! But....

But I ended up going to Target the next day and saw this adorable Christmas stickers that I HAD To add to the Advent Calendar! :)

Put pieces of the sheets out for the stickers...and

divided the pieces among the two piles so that they had a Christmas themed sticker in each pocket.

(optional) Then I made a count down chart for the keikis to place whichever sticker they wanted on the countdown day. I laminated it so that I can use it again next year and for years to come...

And there it DollGirl's and KaiBoy's Advent/Count Down Calendar for Christmas! I hope that they will like it! I love those two so much...and I love doing things like this for them! :)