Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Dirct Swap Postcards.

Tomorrow morning this postcard will be making it's way to Domink in Germany. A few days ago, Dominik messaged me asking if I would be willing to agree to a direct swap with him. He had looked at other postcards that I've sent and enjoyed them and wanted one for himself...so I decided to send him this beautiful postcard of Makapu'u Beach. I told him that it's one of my favorite places to drive by and see some whales during whale season! :0

This postcard of my favorite beach will be going to Nicole in Netherlands. Her mom, Henriêtte, had written me and asked me if I would send her daughter a postcard, and I really enjoyed exchanging with Henriêtte, that I was okay sending her daughter a postcard as well! I hope that she will one day in the future Nicole will be able to cross off "Go to Hawai'i" off her bucket list. I also hope she enjoys this postcard...Henriêtte did say that she would prefer a postcard with beaches on it...and what better postcard to send her of my favorite views here on the island. :)

Julia of Belarus specifically asked for this postcard for a direct swap. I told her to surprise me with whatever postcard that she wished to send me, but I would be happy to send her this one. She seems like a really sweet person...we did message back and forth a few times...and I have to say that she seems like a sweet young lady. :) I hope she likes my message to her!