Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Bulu Box: November 2016

 I got my Bulu Box today and it was waiting for me in my mail basket when I drove up the drive way into the garage! I love getting this box, because it has some really goods stuff for SUPER CHEAP, and the box is just super motivational in it's self! :)

Bulu Box "is the first health, nutrition and weight loss discovery box..." There are two types of boxes that you can choose from: The Bulu Box Original which is a monthly box that has 4-5 premium samples that provide a well-rounded sampling of all things healthy and nutritious and the Bulu Box Weight Loss which is a box that also contains 4-5 premium sampling that specifically helps with weight loss. This monthly subscription is $10 a month and it also does a point system where you can earn points that you can use like money on the site by just sharing your thoughts about each product in your sample surveys! The website is also full of expert tips, tricks and a supportive community!

I love how there are plenty of inspirational/motivational quotes all over it! That is SUPER awesome!

This is the quote that drew my attention this month! I know that it's usually the same box every month, but every month it's good to have all these reminders and to re-read them over and over again, and again! Love!

I'm pretty sure that they have some pretty good stuff in there this month, even though it's not as full as other months, but that's okay...:)

I did notice that there were A LOT of promotional cards this month...but all the cards look like good stuff! :)

I like how they send this in every box. I like to give this away to friends so that they can check out the site aswell...and even though it's like "greeting card" for's like a "business card" for them...and it's easier to give a friend this than try to explain it all. :)

The first thing that I saw was this one. It is the Oily Vibrant Skin Gummy Vitamin.

Marty's Organic Cough Syrup. Yay!  I was able to drink this right away since I have been cursed with this horrible cough these past days and it helped! I like how it soothed my throat and help lessen the coughing...and that is a good thing!

Dream Water Sleep Powder. A few weeks ago, I got super sick and I had to take NyQuil...and I was telling my sister that I wish that they had pill like that that can knock me out the way that NiQuil can. I have horrible sleep problems and so I have been trying to find something that I can use to help aid in my lack of sleeping prevention! And so I have high hopes for this! According to the site, it says "Enjoy the snoozeberry taste in warm water, cold water or straight from the package! This fast acting sleep power iseasy to use, drug free and will ensure you wake up feeling refreshed..." I am so going to try this tonight...and I am thinking I might buy this for $13.98/2 boxes (10 packets/box) with the points that I am getting from the reviews that I make on the website! I love this point system!

Due Vittorie Balsamic Vinegar. Love this stuff.

Smarty Pants Adult Probiotic Complete.

Frownies Facial Patches.  Haven't gotten to use these yet, but they seem like something like of a facial mask to get rid of wrinkles?! Interesting.

I am going to give this gift card to my landlady! She loves wine...I do drink wine, but not that often and not that much at one time! I know that I can save it, however, with my place being so small,  I don't like having extra stuff around that I know that I won't use in a while, so to my wine-loving landlady this will go to. :)

And there were some extra promotional cards that were added in my box.

And there are the products/samples that I got this month in my BuluBox, and even though it wasn't as full as previous boxes, I woulds say that this box was a huge success because I actually bought something from the site because of the samples. As soon as I wrote about the Dream Water, I went on the site and used my points to buy the Dream Water...and I only had to pay the shipping, which was $3.99 all the way to Hawaii...and so I think I scored big! :) I really do like how they allow you to get points for reviewing the products in your box and you can use those points like I did! I only had enough for the product though, but I wonder if you can use points for the shipping and handling. I can't wait until my Dream Water gets to me, but for now, I am super happy with this box!

If you want to join me in this healthy journey and learn more about different healthy choices and goodies out there, please feel free to click here to subscribe to this monthly subscription!