Sunday, November 27, 2016

Before the Pen: Nov. 27-Dec. 03.

Here is the new layout for this week! I already know that this week will be super-extra-crazy busy! But that's okay...that means that there will be no time to be bored! :) I love the quote "Fall seven times, stand up eight" it's a quotes that I hold dear when things feel like they are falling around me...I just have to find the energy to stand up and keep going. :) During this week, it's my childhood best friend's birthday, and I remember the moments that we shared together. :) I know that also this week we will be practicing for our Christmas program for the preschool. Our Christmas program will be this Friday already! Ahhhh! I hope I survive that crazy-ness that will bring! At least it will be half day on Friday...but I have to babysit my niece after school...oh my. Oh well, I love her and we will just go home and take our nap together! *laughs* It's also the week of my Grandma who passed way a few years ago. I miss her. What else is happening this week...?! Lots and lots...I know that I want to start making/designing Christmas cards to send to my family/friends for lets see if I can at least make 2 a least! Well, here is to the week and the crazy-ness the holidays bring! Cheers!

 Planner {love} Passion Planner
Planner Sticker Kit {love} Sparkles of Stickers
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