Saturday, November 26, 2016

After the Pen: Nov. 20-Nov.26.

This week, I can't even find a word to describe this week. Let's just say that when I was on the way home after a LONG day on WEDNESDAY, I felt like it was already Friday! I am so glad that I had Thursday and Friday off...and then the weekend! :) I spent a lot of time with family and I also enjoyed that. I love my family! :) We had our thanksgiving meal at my sister's house and once again she out did herself, like she does every year! :) I did not participate in Black Friday shopping, but I did take advantage of it's :) I did buy a TV online from Target since I did have some giftcard's to use...but did you know that you can only use 4 giftcards at one time (while online). Oh well, I could have gotten a TV for "free" if that wasn't the case...with all the giftcards and the deals that Black Friday brings...but oh well, that's okay, at least I still have some balance in my Target account. And I did splurge a little on some stickers that were on sale on StickiiClub...but other than that, I spent time either with my family or at the beach...which was much needed. I try to go to the ocean at least once a day, however it ranges from 5 mins to a few hours...and usually during the work week, I only have a few minutes to spare to be at the beach...but because I had a break from work, I had the time to spend a few hours at the beach with my book! :) I loved it! I also go to talk to my parents for a few minutes after not hearing from them for 2 that was good! I loved that. They are coming home for a few months next year and I'm super looking forward to that! :)

...and now it's time for a new week to begin. :) Goodnight!

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