Saturday, November 19, 2016

After the Pen: Nov. 013-Nov.19.

Here is my Passion Planner "after the pen." This week was more draining than normal...but that's okay. We all have weeks like that. I feel like my preschool keikis know that a break is coming up and so they were extra wild and crazy this week. Then again that's a normal thing for them! And one of the reasons why I LOVE teaching the 2-3 year olds! :) Lets see here, what were the highlights of this week?! Oh yeah! I really loved seeing the super moon! I went walking up Makapu'u Lighthouse Trail Sunday night and even though it wasn't the "true" super was still super amazing to see! Oh my goodness... I just love the moon! It's so beautiful and the way that it makes a silvery trail in the water! I love it! I can see why people would describe it (and believe it to be) magical. Oh my goodness, there was a ukus happening in our school. For those of you who don't know what ukus is, it's HEAD LICE! Oh my days! That was yesterday, Friday, so at least we have the weekend to clean up...and for me extra because that same day (Friday) a parent called me to say that their child had Hand-Foot-Mouth...and so I SUPER clean my classroom because of that. And then another little girl (not from my class) got pneumonia. So our school was hit with 3 grand slams...and a teacher was out for the majority of the week (due to sickness) so it was a tough week. But hey look, it's the end of the week, I'm about to turn into bed and I survived. I saw this quote online that went something like this, "Update: You have survived 100% of the worst days of your life." I like that. I have survived this week..and I'm eager and ready to start next week! :)

This quote kept going through my mind whenever I was hit with a "plot twist" this week: "Chin up princess or the crown will fall." Gotta keep that crown on! :)

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