Wednesday, November 2, 2016

44 Postcards.

When my Teacher's Assistant walked it to my classroom this morning she told me that she had a surprise for me. And then she laid a stack of FORTY-FOUR postcards in front of me! I was surprised and happy, because I love postcards...and I am constantly buying postcards to send here and around the world...and I was pleasantly surprise with this random "just because" gift! Just yesterday I was telling Mrs. A (my T.A) that I love postcards because it's a fun way to "send a smile" to someone! You can write/draw/put stickers anything you want on the back..and the picture on the front is always a pictures that can make you smile. And now that I'm adult, I am always appreciating getting something in the mailbox other than junk/bill mail...and Mrs. A said that she goes to the store everyday to buy ingredients to make dinner for her family and she always pasts by the postcard stand and thinks of me...and so this time she decided to pick a "few" to give me for no other reason but to make me smile. And I think that that is awesome.

I'm excited to send this postcard out to my fellow postcrossers and friends and family...just because. :)