Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Too early!

Yesterday one of my sisters' said that she was craving s'mores, so we all decided to go over to her house to make s'mores. My brother ended up marinating some meat and we had a on-the-spur bbq gathering. Which I am not complaining about! I love my family so much and I was happy to spend my day off with my family. I told them all about Kaua'i (since I am STILL on a high about how amazing that day trip was!) and I was able to give my little DollGirl the shell that I bought for her!

I can't believe how big girl she looks with her new haircut! I miss her long hair, but she wanted to donate her hair to "those people who can't grow their own." (Those were her words when she told me why she cut her hair). But she loved the shell that I got her. I told her it was her mermaid phone, because if she puts the shell to her ear, she can hear the waves calling her home if she was a mermaid. She said that she heard the waves...I guess she is like me, mermaids at heart. :)

And yes, we were able to make our s'mores! It was so funny though because since we didn't have a fire pit, we just toasted our marshmallows over the BBQ! But I'm kind of excited because my family (both of whom have their houses' now! I can't wait until I live in a house!), both of them want to make a fire pit in their backyard! S'mores here we come!

It was a lot harder to cook it over the grill coals because it was warm enough, but there was no fire...and the marshmallows would slower melt off the stick...so you had to make sure you had your graham cracker and chocolate right there with you! But it was so yummy and just as I remembered it! I can't even remember the last time I had made s'mores...and I LOVE s'mores! We just don't have fireplaces here in Hawai'i, that's why! :)

Anyways, that was yesterday. Today, I had to make a decison EARLY this morning...and I just couldn't. It was just way too early! You see, yesterday when I left my sister's house, she gave me a cinnamon swirly wheat bread...which I will never complain about! BUT my OTHER sister gave me a loaf of pumpkin bread...and we all know how much I love pumpkin anything!! So this morning, I had to make the extremely hard (first world problem!!) decision, which bread should I toast and eat for breakfast. It was so early, but I decided to....

...eat BOTH! :) Both nicely toasted, slathered in butter. And yes, it was super yummy and put me in a good mood for the rest of the day. I love my sisters. And I love how they spoil me. :) I think, maybe, tomorrow I might make the same choice. :)

Around lunch time I got the email notice that one of my postcards made it to it's destination in France and so  I was eager to come home to receive another address to send another postcard to. Little did I know that I also had a postcard waiting for me when I got home! But not only that! I also received my Pipsticks's subscription! It was definitely a good day mail-wise! :)

I was thinking that this envelope felt a lot thicker than the last one that I got and then I remembered that this was a "super mega pack" since this is the 2nd birthday of  Pipsticks! How cool! :) But I'll do a review of the "unboxing" (can you call it an "unboxing" if it's not a box?!?) in a separate post.

This fun postcard is from Irina from Russia. It took 49 long days to get to me, but I am so glad that it made it to me! :) The postcard is of a fairy tale hero named Emelya. It also shows some "traditional Russian dishes, such as cakes, pancakes, Baranki, suskki and cereal in the pot." I will look up this fairy tale at a later date. It would be fun to know about Emelya. :) I also really love the stamps! So colorful and beautiful! :)

This postcard will be on it's way to the mainland tomorrow to a young lady named Lucy. New Jersey to be exact. All the postcards she wants were postcards "of anywhere you have been, whether it is somewhere colse to where you live, or somewhere ou have traveled to." So I decided to send her a postcard of the beautiful sunrise of Lanikai, since I have definitely been there a few times for the sun rise...and I even told her that. :) She also asked to recommend a book, so I recommended my favorite series of The Poison Study series by Maria V. Snyder. She also said, "If you would like, I would love it if you tell me about where you are sriting from. DO you write your postcards at your kitchen table, in a cafe, at your local library? What is the weather like? What is the view from your window? Are there buildings, or trees, or other houses?" So I took the time to answer all her questions. I like it when people give you specifics about what they want you write about. It makes it a lot easier. :) I hope she enjoys the postcard! :)