Friday, September 9, 2016


It was a rough week. I am so glad that it was a short week. I'm glad that it's finally over. Well, not completely over, but at least the work week is over. I love my job, and I think that as long as I can still say that I love my job at the end of the day, then it's going to be okay. :) Don't get me wrong, I really appreciate long weekends just as much as the next person, but for me that means that "my kids" have not been to school for that much longer and then when they do come in it will be that much more crazier. And it was crazy. I still have a few criers in my class since they all didn't start on the first day of school and some of them this was only their second week of school. Oh, and I have another one starting on Monday. One of the VERY few downfalls of my job is that all the kids do NOT start on the "first day of [official] school." So, it's harder to get on a set schedule when we are constantly [in-consistently] having a new child join my class. It means that I have to start all over again [especially since it's still so near the beginning of the school year!] in teaching them the basics of my classroom. And I have to admit, at times, it does get frustrating when you have to teach the same thing over and over again. I know that for this age, you are suppose to have repetition...over and over and over and over again and again and again. But it's hard when you are trying to help the children adjust to being away from the parents for the first time and trying to get along with people you have never seen before. And when I finally think that we are starting to get there...another child joins and I have to start at square one again. Oh okay, enough venting.

I am so proud of "my kids" Although we do have children joining our class [at what seems like] every other day, there are a few of them that are finally getting it! I have 2 that started with me during the summer, and it's so rewarding to see that they are trying to encourage and help the newer ones learn the class schedule and rules. I have awesome parents. It is always my fear that I might clash with a parent, but this year, I really like my parents and I love how they make it so easy to talk with them. One thing that I do appreciate about living here in Hawai'i is that everyone treats you like family here...and that is how the parents are. I have to remember to keep it professional, but it's so hard when parents encourage their child to give their "Aunty" [me] honi, kisses. And that is a normal thing that it took a LONG time for me to get used to. But I really do love how its so "ohana" like here. And I really like how parents don't only see me as a teacher, but an "aunty" to their keiki.

Yesterday the dustless colored chalk and chalkboard poster board arrived on my doorstop from Amazon and I was super excited to update more of my chalkboards in my class! By the time I was done getting everything I needed to get done during nap time today [a time that I really do value to get "teacher stuff" done!], I only had 20 minutes left to do whatever I wanted. So I decided to chalkboard art my door. The front and the back.

Since the chalkboard poster board on the front of my door was buckling, I decided to buy a new one that was made to be a chalkboard. I think what happened was since I bought a foam poster board and then painted the chalkboard pain on it, the moisture of the paint caused the bucking of the poster board. And so, this one that I got was the same size and is already a chalkboard, so it's flat, and so I switched the buckled one with the flat and I did a fast welcome sign for it.

And then for my door, I used the same font and just wrote and weekend greeting on it. Did I mention how much I love my chalkbaord door?! :) Except for the door knob. It gets sooo sticky and it won't turn and it get REAL hard to open! The thing is that I can't used m other door because the AC is above it and it leaks like no tomorrow and so there is like a constant waterfall coming out of the AC creating a river in front of my door. And it can get dangerous because the kids would try to run in the classroom and slip and fall because the bottom of their feet/shoes are wet. It use to be my front door, but I switched my room around when a pregnant mom (she was nearly 8 months along!) almost slipped and fell and I could NOT have that. That and children falling, I didn't care what anyone was going to say and I switched my classroom around so the back door is not the front door. The only problem was the door knob! I solved that by taping the doorknob...but then that got really frustrating when I kept having to do it because it would come undone and then we would be stuck in the classroom because it's so had to open! So, right before I left for home today, my friend and I....

...took the doorknob off! It was such and old-fashioned doorknob that it was a lot tricky to get off, but we got it off and I couldn't be more happier with my door now! :)

But  am so glad that we have two days of no school to recharge. :)

Here's to the weekend! Whoot! Whoot! :)