Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Postcrossing Postcards.

While I was on vacation last week in Maui, I came home to four postcards from my postcrossing family and I also got another one in the mail today making it a total of 5 postcards in a week! That's so awesome and exciting! :)


This is the one that I received today and it has traveled to me from Estonia from a little girl named Marianda. With the help of her grandmother she has joined postcrossing to "explore" the world...and I think that that is awesome! :) It took 21 days to get to me and it is my first postcard from this country! This snowy postcard reminds of me of the trips that I use to take to the snow to go skiing when I was younger. Such happy memories. :)

This beauty of a postcard took 16 days to get to be from Germany from Lena. She had traveled to Netherlands with a group of her friends and had gotten this card from when they went there! She wrote that she had a "great time at the coast." I think that that is super awesome that she had the opportunity to go traveling with her friends to make great memories! I absolutely love the flower fields! I hope that one day that I can enjoy the views of the flower fields of Netherlands! I see so many of them! And it's just so beautiful! 

Flowers will always make me happy! And this postcard came from Marta in Belarus and it took 20 days to get to me! I could be wrong, but these flowers look to be a type of orchid! So beautiful! I had to also take a picture of the fun stickers that Marta added to my postcard! That's so sweet and I love the fun postage stamp! 

I can not get over this card! Everything about this card just screams amazingess! From the front picture of an amazingly balanced random rock near the blue, blue water, to the amazingly adorable cute back of the postcard, to the amazingly cute stamps! I think the first one looks to be of a dragon fruit! One of my favorite fruits! This postcard took 15 days to get to me from Chin-Wen of Taiwan. She wrote, "I'm from a beautiful island." And if the picture says anything, I would say so myself. :)

Tatiana of Russia sent me this fun, fun, fun postcard! It took 17 days to get to me and I absolutely love it so much! I love elephants and so when I saw this cute cartoon elephant waiting for me, I literally squealed in happiness to call it mine! :) I love how it's whimsical and so happy looking and I also adore the cute little elephant sticker that she added to the back of it as well! I think that all languages are beautiful and Russian is no different! It just looks beautiful when written as well! :) "I wish you happiness"...that's a good phrase to know. :) The stamps are adorable too!

~~~Honestly, I was happy to recieve this postcard in only 17 days. If there is anyone out there that knows what I can do to get MY postcards/letters to Russia faster with more certainty, that would be wonderful. I have had a few people message me saying that they have not gotten my letters/postcards...even though I have sent them multiple letters/postcards. ~~~

"If you have the power to make someone happy, do it. The world needs more of that."