Friday, September 2, 2016

Postcard and Chalkboards.

One of the things that I added to my classroom was chalkboards. I like doing chalkboard art and also I needed a way to catch the parents attention. One of my favorite "chalkboards" that I added into my classroom is my door.

I like to leave messages on the door for the parents, reminders, quotes, or just a picture drawn for them. I think that this is a good idea, because there are times where just leaving a reminder in the parents mail, or a sheet of paper on the sign out clilpboard doesn't work. Last year I got tired of parents saying that they didn't see the reminder or whatever we needed them to see, and so I decided to chalkboard my door to also be able to write whatever I needed the parents to remember. If they don't get the message somehow, then I don't know what else I can do for them! I know that we already email them, put a reminder in their mail folder, and/or write a reminder and leave it on the clip board, and also I'll talking to them about it! And then I still get parents saying that they forgot or whatever reason they come up this was one other way that I can put up reminders. If I don't have a reminder that day, then I'll just write/draw something. I think, so far, it has helped! 

I also have a few spray painted chalkboards around my room that I like to draw chalk art on. Today, I decided to retire the cute pineapple and write a quote.

I think that it's fun to be able to have chalkboard art around and it's a quick way to change things up on the classroom! :)

Well, I did get a notice saying that one of my postcards made it to it's destination and so I got a new address and wrote up another postcard to be sent out tomorrow. 

 This has got to be one of my favorite postcards of "my" beautiful Lankai! And it's going to a family man named Peter in Germany. He mentioned that he would like all kinds of postcards especially cards of a view of the place where we live...and this card definitely is a view of the place where I live. :) He also said that he would welcome a piece of art on the card as well, so I lettered a favorite quote of mine and drew him a starfish. :) I hope that it gets to him and that he likes this card that I picked out for him!