Wednesday, September 28, 2016


I got the notification that two of my postcards got to their destinations while I was in Maui and so now that I am home (and a little bit more settled from my trip) I am able to send out two more postcards! I also got a message from a postcrosser friend if I would do a direct swap with her and so I agreed and sent her a postcard yesterday.

When I asked for two more addresses from the Postcrossing website, one postcrosser mentioned that he would like to get his postcard in an envelope, however he did not mention if he would like me to write on the postcard or not, and so I messaged him asking if he would like a blank card or if he didn't mind me writing on it. I am still waiting for his reply before I send his postcard (in an envelope) off!

This postcard was sent to the Philippines to a lady named Melissa. She is from the Philippines and I was happy to see that she is from the same town that I was able to visit when I went to the school there for a couple of years! That was exciting to see! She never mentioned any specific postcard, so I decided to send her this beautiful postcard of North Shore here on O'ahu. This one of my favorite places to visit. The waves are just so mesmerizing to watch! :) I mention that I had the opportunity to visit the place she lived and also told her about my favorite book series and movies (she asked on her profile. :)) I hope she likes my card!

This gorgeous sunset postcard will be sent to a gentleman in Japan! How cool would it be to be able to explore Japan! That would be SO MUCH FUN! He had a list of postcards that he wanted to receive and "beautiful landscapes, sunset and colourful, bright postcards" stood out to me and so I decided to send his this postcard of a beautiful, bright colored, sun set in O'ahu postcard! I hope it gets to him at a timely manner! :)

I also hope that I hear from the other gentleman that I am suppose to send a postcard too. If I don't hear from him within a few days, I think that I'll write on the postcard...but I would hate to be wrong and have him want a BLANK card! Ahhhh!!!

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