Monday, September 26, 2016

New Subscription: PeelyPack September 2016.

I am currently obsessed with subscription boxes and I decided to share that "obsession' with my DollGirl and so I bought her another subscription! (The first one that I got her was the KiwiBop Postcard Pals) Since she is older now, and she shares her love for stickers just like her Auntie (me!), I looked around and found this subscription sticker pack that I am sure that she will love! PeelyPack! Today she ran into my classroom waving her very first PeelyPack with a huge smile on her face telling me that she didn't open it when she got it last night because she wanted to open it with me. :) So together we opened up her first PeelyPack and together we ooh'd and awww'd over all the amazing goodies that she got in her little envelope jam packed with fun stickers and activity sheets. :)

PeelyPack is a monthly subscription "envelop" that "is full of fun...that kids can do all on their own!" According to their website, "The original PeelyPack ($11.99 ) comes with 10 sheets of awesome stickers, plenty for several sticker sessions. The FamilyPack ($19.99 ) has double the stickers-that's 20 sheets! The stickers are based on a different theme each month, and sometimes we throw in a fun surprise, too!" All the stickers come in a portable designed large activity sheet that is "perfect for coloring or using with stickers." It also has suggestions on "fun play tips to help you get your child thinking and learning. Talking over sticker play time is a great way for kids and parents to learn and bond."

 The pack comes in a clear plastic envelop with a fun design!

This is the back of the envelop. I love how they make it look fun and it was very easy to open. DollGirl didn't want to rip anything and so if you were careful, you didn't have to rip anything...and everything stays nice and tidy!

When you took the pack out and you open it up, this is what you see.

On the top of everything it had a little note from the company and the gift message that I wrote to her. I like that!

Here is the portable designed large activity sheet. I like what I am seeing! And my DollGirl was excited to see the letters. She is currently learning her letters and so she was happily telling me what each letter was...all with a big smile on her face!

 This is a little idea card that gives you ideas on how you can play and use this fun pack of stickers and activity sheets. How fun that this month's theme was Back to School! She did just start school. :)

On the back of the idea card was this fun lunch box that asks "What's for lunch?" I am going to make a wild guess that there are food kind stickers in this pack?! :)

 Awwww!!! So cute and fun! These were shiny stickers...we like shiny! :)

 There are the foodie stickers! :)

When she saw these stickers, she wanted to give them to me! She knows how much I like robot things...I told her that we can share them, since she was sharing with me. So sweet my lil DollGirl is!

She also tried to give me these ones since I do have a set of glitter star stickers that I like to keep with my planner. :) I told her that she can keep these ones.

 I think this was an added "gift" from fun! :)

Well, I did get her the original pack and we didn't get 10 sticker sheets, but ELEVEN! How fun! I was excited watching my DollGirl get excited as she was unfolding and discovering all her stickers! I would totally recommend this sticker pack for your child, or even for a fun "just because" present for any child. I guess you can make your own set, but I know that my DollGirl LOVES getting things in the mail (just like her Auntie! :)) And it was fun opening her pack with her and watching her face show the excitement I, too, was feeling in my heart. :) So, if you would like to join in with the sticker fun with us, please feel free to click here and subscribe to this fun-filled sticker subscription funness! :)