Wednesday, September 28, 2016

New Subscription: Stickii-Cute Pack September 2016

I was so excited to discovery the Stickii Club subscription! I have looked a multiple "unboxings" of this particular subscription and I absolutely love what I see! I love stickers and I am so tempted to subscribe to ALL packs! All the stickers are so cute and fun! When I got back from Maui, I saw that my first packet of stickers came in the mail and I was super excited to open it and see what I got for my first shipment, and I was not disappointed at all at what I got! I got the Cute pack...and although I am super happy with what I got, I wish I knew if there was a way to switch packs every-so-often. I did purchase a 6-month subscription with a renewal at the end of the 6 months, so I don't know if it's possible to change in the middle of a subscription, but that's okay, all the stickers are so adorable!

STICKII club is a sticker subscription that sends out fun-filled envelopes of kawaii stickers! They offer three different styles of subscription packs from Cute, Retro, and Pop styles of stickers for $10/month each (Free delivery in the US, $1.25 delivery for Canada, and $2 delivery everywhere else)! According to CrateJoy, "Not only the Cute Pack includes all the kawaii stickers, our Retro and Pop Pack also loaded with adorable stickers but just with a slightly different mood." Each monthly pack comes with 5+ big sticker sheets, 10+ small-medium single stickers, and 1+ washi tape sample. And each month is a different theme for all styles. Subscribe to one style or multiple styles, it's up to you...and must have subscription for sticker lovers (like myself!) :)

Each style of sticker packs come with their own unique envelope. I love how the cute pack comes in a bright pink envelope, because pink is my favorite color. :) It's such a "cutesy" color! :) The envelope comes in a plastic, designed outer envelope with a plain [bright pink] paper envelope inside.

One the back of the plastic part of the envelope it comes with a sticker that informs you of the theme this month. PANDA'S! How "cute!" I do follow them on IG and so they had a post as to why they decided to have Panda's be the theme for the cute pack this month. "Did you know the Panda was just officially removed form the international endangered species list? That means we will see this cute animal more often; YAY!! What's better than opening up a whole pack of cute pandas to celebrate??" That is such a happy reason to have Panda's be the theme for this month! :)

Oh my goodneess! How CUTE are these puffy sticker panda's! I love the fruit that they added! I ended up giving this sticker sheet to my sister, Amanda When my DollGirl was just learning how to talk, she started calling her "Aunty Panda" and so "Aunty Panda" she will forever be. :) So, of course, when I showed her this sticker pack, I couldn't help but share with her the sticker love! :)

I've never seen this happen to a puffy sticker before, but on the top "row" of this sticker sheet, this (I think it's a strawberry?!) sticker looked like it got the air knocked out of it! How funny! :)

This is another cute sticker sheet of puffy stickers! I can NOT get over how CUTE these are!! I also gave these ones to my sister. :) She told me that she liked puffy stickers and so I didn't mind sharing with her. :)

Oh my goodness....such cuteness OVERLOAD! I love them all! :) I think I will have a panda spread in one (maybe two?! :)) of my planners one of these weeks just so that I can use PLENTY of these cuties! :)

I love ALL the stickers that I received in this months pack, but I have to say that this sticker sheet has got to be my favorite one! They are just so cute...and it reminds me of those cute panda youtube videos that I see of these cute rascals!

I know that these sticker flakes will find their way into my planner since I thing they are just SO adoreable! I think my favorite one is the one with the ice-cream, or the one in the, the one in the donut...ahhh...I don't just have one favorite...they are ALL my favorite! :)

I love the glitter "bigger" sticker! Ahhh! SoooOoooOooo cute! I love how it looks like they are playing in SWEETS! And I do have a sweet tooth! And the washi tape sample is just as cute! I did end up giving these two to my sister because I saw that she loved them as well, and so I let her have them. She told me that she was going to use them in the letter that she was going to write her sister. I think that would make the letter fun. :)

I think these were an added bonus this month...and how are are these adorable book sticky markers! AHHHH! I definitely will be using these in one of my planner! They are just so happy to look at! :)

I can see why this is called the CUTE pack! I think I have just overused the word "cute" for the day! :)

I loved this pack, and I am so looking forward to my next month already! I love stickers and this is a fun and inexpensive subscription that is worth every penny. Now, do you see why I would want to subscribe to all the different packs! *laughs*

If you would like to join me in this fun monthly subscription, please click here to start your subscription today! Let me know which pack (or packs) you decided to's so hard to choose just one! :)

(How many times did you read the word CUTE in this post?! I lost count! :))