Monday, September 26, 2016

New Subscription: Kiwibop Postcard Pals.

This isn't exactly a new subscription for me, however it is new for my preschool keiki! I had subscribed my DollGirl to this subscription about a year ago, and she loved it and I told myself that when the new school year rolled around, I was going to subscribe my classroom to this subscription since it was a fun, educational subscription! Since I had an open account with them with my subscription for my DollGirl, I was able to get a discount on the subscription when I opened one for my classroom, and since my school reimbursed me the cost, I didn't have to pay for this one! My welcome packet came when I was vacationing in Maui, and so I saw this packet waiting for me when I came into school today and I had a few kids that came super early in the morning and they were able to open it with me and we explored what was inside!

Kiwibop Postcard Pals is a monthly subscription that "sends awesome postcards to your child that will engage their reading skills and teach them about the world!" The membership is only $3.59/month, and you pay annually so that would be $43.08 a year, but if you use my referral link here, you will get a 10% discount! It will automatically renew yearly, however you can cancel at anytime so that you won't get billed the following year when your subscription is done for the year! When you first sign up, they will send you a Member Welcome Kit with four initial postcards for free as well as some stickers and some fun activities to do! Once you are a member, you will also have access to their online Fact Explorer, which is a very good resource for curious minds!

The welcome kit came in a bright green envelope with the Kiwibop log printed on it. And I believe that this is how the monthly postcards come in, except smaller, since this is the welcome kit.

 The back of the envelope showed the group of "friends" that Kiwibop designed to "send" the postcards from around the world. Aren't they so fun looking!

The first "card" that I pulled out was this fun activity card. You cut out the fun glasses and mustache and glue them on a stick and you have photo props! How fun! :)

A fun card that introduces some of the fun characters that you will "meet" and get to know throughout this postcard subscription!

On the back of the card it has a nice welcome message that tells you about what this subscription is about.

I love how they also added some stickers! Who doesn't like stickers! I might have to add this cute little sticker set to the birthday box since there isn't enough stickers for all my keiki!

Now on to the fun [free] postcards! :)

The postcard came in this logo stamped brown sleeve. [I'm already really excited, even more! I see an elephant! :)]

The first of the four postcards is titled, "Out of this World Junk." Aww, this one makes me sad! This is basically a postcard that tells about the litter that is up in space. It says, "Can you imagine trying to cross a busy road with your eyes closed? Putting a spaceship into orbit without being hit by space junk is just almost as hard!" On the back of the card, it gives more details about the front of the postcard. This postcard is "from" our Kiwibop friend, Geary.

The second postcard is "from" our postcard friend Rocco and it is of The Gateway Arch at the Jefferson Mational Expansion Memorial in St. Louis, Missouri. Did you know that it is one of the ost visited tourist attractions in the world! :)

Our postcard pal, Niko, "sent" us a postcard that baffled the keiki! This is a postcard of the beginnings of what chocolate is! I had a jar of chocolate chips that I like to keep in the classroom for special occasions and when I showed the kids this card and asked them to guess what it was I had answer sof "corn," "pineapple," and even " ice-cream!" and when I told them I was going to give them a hint, I gave each one of them a chocolate chip...they still didn't get that this was a picture of chocolate in it's raw form! They still don't believe it! *laughs*

I saved my favorite postcard for last. I LOVE elephants and I was excited to see that this postcard came in the package! :) Our postcard pal, Tica, informed us that "the African bush elephant lives in the savannahs or grasslands of Africa. They can grow to be as tall as 13 feet and weight up to 11 tons-that's over 22, 000 pounds!)..."

So that's the welcome packet of Kiwibop Postcard Pals! I highly recommend this subscription and if you would like to subscribe your child (or other children!) with this fun, educational postcard subscription please click here for a 10% discount on your membership!