Sunday, September 25, 2016

Maui 2016.

I am back from my amazing vacation on the beautiful Hawai'ian island of Maui! Although I am so happy to be back, I am a little sad that it's over. I was so fun to have my family and friends with me...and I'm always a little sad when the time comes to say goodbye. I suck at goodbyes. That one quote by Winnie the Pooh always makes it so bittersweet. "How lucky I am to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard."

Well, I am so happy that I am a journal keeper and so I will write excerpts from my daily journal of the things that we did on Maui on a day-by-day timeline. I will try my best to limit the pictures...but oh my, I will try! :)

*Day 1: September 17*

I left my sister's house at 7:15am to head to airport and my sister and I decided to switch seats so that she could have some alone time to just relax since she had a very busy week. My sister and her family and I were heading to Maui from Oahu...everyone else was coming from the mainland. Our flight was a whooping 43 minutes and I sat with my brother-in-law and my DollGirl and KaiBoy.

I was pretty proud of myself for not packing along of things since I knew that I was basically going ot live in my swimwear and coverup and I just brought neutral colored casual/sun dresses.

My sister's family luggage was a bit more than mine! But that's okay because she likes to come WELL prepared! :)

For the majority of our week stay we stayed in the beautiful condos of 'Aina Nalu in Lahaina. It was directly across the street from the Seventh-day Adventist Church there, so that was a nice surprise! :)

"Wow! Talk about windy! I decided to wear a dress and it was super windy! The sucky part is that the wind was not even cold! It as super hot! So it's hot and super muggy" Since it's hurricane season it has been crazy weather...even here in Maui! The water is super brown and the waves are wow messy! But the place that we are staying at is so beautiful! I love this condo and that we are staying here! I wish so bad that I could have a place like this, even if it were just one room [the condo had two rooms]."

And yes, as soon as we settled we walked to this a yummy cafe called The Cool Cat and ate dinner and then yes, we decided to take a night swim in the salt water eternity pool to wait for the rest of our group to come. :)

*Day 2: September 18*

In the morning we ended up going to the continental breakfast where this lady also was telling us about different tours and activities that we could do on the island. She ended up having a raffle drawing for some awesome prizes. Since we had rented out two rooms, we were able to get to raffle tickets in the "bucket" and guess whose TWO raffle tickets won?! Yep! We did! So for one of the prizes we decided to get a a free pass to the Maui Ocean Center. After breakfast, we swam again in the pool, had lunch and the little kiddos took their nap and as soon as they woke up we all made our way to the Maui Ocean Center!

KaiBoy's fascination with the fish and the aquarium as a whole warmed my heart! He was so interested in everything I loved watching him as he took in all the beautiful life of the ocean! His reaction to everything was everything my inner child was feeling! :)

The beautiful hono was sooo amazing to see! I see sea turtles a lot when I am swimming in the ocean...and I am always blown away with how beautiful and graceful they are!

  "I really liked the aquarium and i think that I would go there again. I did read that itwas the in the top 25 best aquariums in the US. I am glad that I had the opportunity to go. I believe tomorrow we are going zip limming!! But today was awesome!"

*Day 3: September 19*

I shared rooms with DollGirl and I felt bad for leaving her before she woke up. That little girl is a hurricane sleeper! My goodness, but she also loves to cuddle when she sleeps...and I felt bad for leaving her. But we left the condos at 6:30 to head to the north shore to go ZIP LINING! I have always wanted to go zip lining and I was so happy that we had the chance to go!


Our guides said that we would reach 50 mph! It was AMAZING! :) I am so glad that I didn't have any fear of heights though because we did a lot of climb up tall trees, scary movable ladders and bridges! But I would SO do it again! I loved it and I had so much fun!

My sister and her brother-in-law ended up not going and so we met them at this really yummy restaurant called Da Kitchen and they had amazing food!


Check out all the different kind of "Loco Mocos" and since we all know that I love loco moco's I decided to try the Kanak Attack Combo Moco. I couldn't even finish 1/4 of it! It was so much! I ended up taking it home and was able to make 3 other meals of it! I shared it of course! But I think in the future, I will only like my regular loco moco! Too much food touching...:)

*Day 4: September 20*

Today we wanted to explore the we drove around to a couple of beaches before we settled on one that didn't have [too much] brown water. 

It was actually a really nice beach and we were able to swim out and it had a fast drop, so we had to make sure the kids stayed away from the ocean's edge. I know that my DollGirl and KaiBoy are water babies and they will just run in before you can even blink and eye! But DollGirl was able to go out and snorkel with us for the first time! And I loved the fact that she loved it! It was a super beautiful day!

"I sure do love to snorkel! If you swam out past the dead coral closer to shore, there were amazingly, bright coral and just so many fish to see! After I snorkeled for a few hours, I decided to just go out and float. The water was cold when you first got in and then it warmed up fairly quick. I think I could take a nap out on the waves! I swear if I were a mermaid, i would have my best frieds be a shark and manta ray and a whale...and they would stand [swim]  guard and I would just got to a warm spot in the ocean where no one could find me and take a nap floating, or even just cloud watch or stargaze! That would be so awesome!"

*Day 5: September 21*

Today was another super early day where I had to leave my DollGirl before she woke up. We had to be at the boat harbor by 5:30 so that we can head out to the island crater of Molokini by 5:45am! Super early, but I also was super excited! We were suppose to go snorkeling for an hour at Molokini and then an hour at Turtle Town...but unfortunately the ocean was really restless and the waves were showing and it was not the smoothest out there...and so we weren't able to snorkel at Turtle Town...we stayed two hours at Molokini.

I am thinking my lucky stars that I do not  get motion sickness because the ride out there to the island was and extremely bumpy and the opposite of smooth!

This was the boat that we took out to the island crater and I had to admit that it was a scary boat, but I had faith in the driver! But it felt like it was going to tip over!

My poor brother-in-law took two Dramamine pills for his motion sickness and he still wasn't feeling well!

But I had to admit that the sunrise was pretty spectacular over the water! I hope that I never have to live far away from the ocean!

After about an hour we finally get to the island crate. As you can kind of see, the water is already really choppy and messy!

And at first a lot of people took a chance and went out. I loved it! I absolutely love being out in the water! The choppiness of the water didn't phase me at all and I was swimming all over the place. I was with my BroIL for a the fist 30 minutes before he couldn't take it any longer and had to go back on the boat where I joined him for about 5 minutes to make sure that he was going to be okay. Then I went back out in the water. For awhile the underwater life was view-able and there were so many fish that would swim all around you and I saw a lot of eels and just a lot of gorgeous fish and coral! Then it was harder to see so far down and so my friend and I were just playing around in the water and just just swimming with the fish that were swimming around us. My friend and I were the last ones to leave the water and when we got back on the boat, I realized that most everyone was feeling motion sick! I really did feel bad for everyone...but I have to admit that the guides should have brought us in a long time ago since the water was really bad. I'm not the strongest swimmer and I have 100% respect for the ocean, but I did not feel like I was in any danger at all...but when I looked back out over the water, I was surprised with how bad the waves where!

But the water was an amazing color of blue and I think that it would be amazing to a mermaid to be able to live out on the water!

*Day 6: September 22*

"Today was a lazy sort of day. We had Breakfast at this really yummy place on the pier called Koa's. The view was amazing and I have to say that I am going to miss eating at Ocean front dining areas!

After that some of us went to the Lavender Farms and I have to say that this was one of my favorite things that we did while on Maui! I think that it was because we could still smell the ocean air and I was surrounded by a lot of beautiful flowers!

And the view...oh wow! The view was just so amazing...I was telling my BroIL that it was times like this were I didn't even know if I wanted to take pictures of the view since pictures don't do it justice! You would have to go there in person to see how amazing the beautiful, breath-taking view. It was amazing.

Here is my lil KaiBoy just running on the open fields and it warmed my heart seeing him so happy. :)

*Day 7: September 23*

Today we went beach hopping again and we were even able to see some penguins! :)

It was a very bittersweet day because we knew that it was our last day all together since everyone but my sister and her family and I were still going to stay one more day. So today we just enjoyed each other's company and tried not to be sad. It's always sad knowing that in less than 24 hours we were going to have to say goodbye. Goodbye's suck. :(

*Day 7: September 24*

By 9:00am more than half our group had left for the airport. It was really sad watching DollGirl and KaiBoy say and hug everyone bye. DollGirl especially was sad and her Grandma. (My sister's mother-in-law) It was fun and full of memory making and I am going to miss them. Before lunch time my sister's family and I had already checked out of our rooms and were making our way to Kehei to our condos that we rented there. While we were there we found a playground for DollGril and KaiBoy to play at while we killed some time before check-in.

It was hot, but my niece and nephew really liked it. :) And it got them in a better mood after saying goodbye to family and friends. It's always so hard being away from friends and family...but the good thing is that Hawai'i is our home also and we also made family and friends here too. :)

I just had to add that this is one of the best climbing trees! :)

*Day 8: September 25*

We woke up early and at at this real nice cafe down the road for breakfast before my BroIL had to go and do some work. I took my DollGirl too the pool and we stayed there for no less than 2 1/2 hours! It was a lot of fun and swimming can always help with any kind of sadness. When we got back to the condo, we ate a fast lunch and both her and I laid down for a nap. My sister was able to organize and pack everything. Then as soon as my BroIL was finished with his work...we went to the car rental area to drop off the SUV we were renting and jumped on a plane and now I am home writing this. :)

One things I did not add everyday because I knew that it would be a lot of repeating myself but I was in the water everyday. I swam in the saltwater pool everyday and we went to the beach nearly everyday. It was amazing. And I loved it. :)

I came home to find several of my monthly subscription boxes had come as well as several postcards. I will be posting subscription unboxings and postcard reveals through out this week only because right now, I just want to jump in the shower and then go to sleep. Time to hustle for that money again so that I can go on more adventures!