Saturday, September 3, 2016


Kaua'i. Enough said. Kaua'i.

No seriously though. Kaua'i is beautiful and I had an absolutely amazing time there. I am already looking forward to going back and just staying there for a few WEEKS! I don't know if I could live there, but to that place is paradise.

I love O'ahu, and I can see this place as "home" for now...but Kaua'i, although is still "Hawai'i" is so different than O'ahu. I heard that all the islands are different from each other, O'ahu being the most industrialized island of all the island. And I would have to say that I agree. Kaua'i seemed so untouched and so different from my beloved O'ahu.

I was there only for the day with three of my very good girl friends and the whole day was a day of relaxation, story talking, and lots of laughter, and lots of memory making. We saw a lot of beaches, all different from each other, and we saw a lot of beautiful sites. I was able to take a few pictures with my phone camera...but my other friend took her "complicated" camera and was able to take some really nice shots. I plan to go to all the islands. Multiple times. And just explore and have a lot of adventures.

We left early this morning. I got up at 2:45am to leave the house at 3:15am to meet up with everyone at 3:30am and to be at the airport at 4am to make our flight at 5am just so that we can see the sunrise on Kaua'i at 6:22am. And after complications with our car rentals (for future reference, I don't think that I will ever rent a car from Advantage, super poor customer service and an infestation of baby cockroaches in the car. But I didn't let that ruin my wonderful time there!), we were able to go to the Lydgate Beach Park only about 9 minutes away from the airport.

"Friend" with the "complicated camera getting an amazing sunrise shot!
 There were so many drift wood at this beach! Beautiful, beautiful driftwood, that I have to admit that I took 3 pieces home. :) I don't get much driftwood at the beach that Iive by...or any of the beaches that I live nearby! So I was pretty excited to see all the driftwood!

My friends and I were pretty tempted to stay here for a LONG time, it was so peaceful and although the storm (oh yeah, I forgot to mention that despite TWO hurricane warnings, we decided to go anyways...oh we are that daring! :)) was churning up the water and make a lot of huge waves, it was so relaxing just to watch the waves and just be near the ocean. I think it was the storm that brought all the driftwood up because I heard that normally there wouldn't be this much driftwood. But even the driftwood was beautiful. And yes, the sunrise was breathtaking.

After tearing ourselves away from this beautiful beach, we decided to find somewhere to eat. That was one thing I loved about this trip. I did write up a list of places that we could visit...but mainly it was, drive down the one road that Kaua'i has, and stop where ever we wanted to. :) But we were starving by this time and so we went to the first place that I listed. And that would be The Beach Hut just a few minutes away.

 Super nice people and yummy local food. I think that the best thing about this day trip was the company. There was never a dull moment. :)


And who can say no to the view! I had the Portuguese Sweet Bread french toast...and it was yummy! And I had to have my lemonade! :)

We saw many things, went to plenty beaches, and even stopped at Ross to buy some sunglasses! :) I am not going to write in any particular order, there was way too much to say! But Kaua'i. I can't wait to go back. :)

One the the many waterfalls that we saw! It was so mesmerizing! You can see the amazing power of this waterfall! I have to admit that looking at this waterfall brought be back when I was younger and I use to go to Yosemite and go place on the rocks of the waterfall there.

Here is my crazy friend! All through this trip she kept getting in crazy, and sometimes DANGEROUS positions to get really good shots!

This was surrounding the waterfall. It was SO green and it was so tranquil! The birds in flight and just the peaceful feeling of the place...this was another place that I felt like I could have stayed forever!

White we were driving we all agreed that we needed a coffee stop and so we decided to look on yelp for a place to stop for coffee and I am so glad that we found this place!  If ever you go to Kaua'i, you should stop here! The service was so amazing, and the ambience of the places was so welcoming and homey! They were playing Christian music and the workers were singing along to the music and it just made you want to sing along as well!

This is the Kilauea Lighthouse. Another beautiful place! I love the contrast that the storm clouds brought to the blue, blue water!

We had to randomly stop here to take pictures of the Lo'i. Our friend that wasn't able to come with us really loves Lo'i's and so we stopped to take a picture of this one for her. I couldn't really get a good shot with my phone cam, but I'm sure that my other friend got a good one. :)

The chicken here were really tame and just came up to you...and so we sprinkle some bread that we had in the car for them to eat.

The wet and dry caves were so amazing to experience! I have to admit that I was weary to go inside...I'm not the biggest far of the dark, but it wasn't too dark and it didn't go too far deep, so that was cool. But one of my friends took a picture and another tourist exclaimed how awesome the flash bounced off the spider webs from the ceiling...and that's when I knew that I had to get out...the whole top of the cave was filled with HUGE, HUGE, HUGE spider webs with HUGE, HUGE, HUGE spiders. That I could not do...but it was pretty cool inside...and the acoustics was amazing!

The place outside the caves was just as beautiful! It really does look so untouched and so pure! It was so breathtaking!

This was the beach that was on the other side of the caves. The waves were really huge, but there were a lot of cat eye and puka shells here...and so we stayed here for awhile to pick some shells.

I love the islands! There is always a beach nearby, no matter where you are! So in this picture you can see were the caves are, and just across the street is the beach!

This is another random beach that we stopped by. High, high waves...but they were super messy. There were a few paddleboarders who were braving the crazy, messy waves though. So we stayed for a while and watched them.

A dream come true! I am a mermaid! :) I bought my DollGirl a shell that she can always have the ocean with her. :)

The last beach that we stopped at before heading back to airport. We stayed for awhile just watching the waves crashing on the shore.

I am home now...and I am tired! I feel like I can sleep all day! But I wanted to write this post before I forgot everything, although I highly doubt that that would happen! Today was an amazing day...and I am looking forward to the next time that we will go there...but the next island that I'll be going to is Maui in a few weeks! But Kaua'i. It was everything that I had hoped it would be and more. Until next time, Kaua'i...aloha!

Now I am going to knock out!