Thursday, September 29, 2016

Greetings from Romania!

Today I got a card from Romania! When I saw where the postcard was from, it made me smile because it made me think of this guy who I had the biggest crush on for the longest time in grade school! His ethnicity was Romanian and I remember his eyes which were blue, blue, blue. :)

This postcard traveled 25 days to get to me from Oana. She wrote that one Romanian postcrosser was the one who took this picture! I think that that is SUPER awesome! She also mentioned that stress is a poison and I highly agree with her! :)

I like how she added this fun, colorful, and flowery washi tape on the bottom! So thoughtful!

 She also stuck this sticker on the postcard! How fun! A postcrossing meet! That really is awesome!

And I really like the stamps that she used as well! I love the flowers! :)