Friday, September 16, 2016

Full Moon.

So all my bags are packed...and I'm ready to goooOooooOoooo! I am so excited for this next week...I haven't a vacation like this in a long time and I am so happy that I'll be able to go explore another island with family and friends! Since I leave real early tomorrow, I asked my brother (who won't be able to come with us) to drop me off at my sister's house so that I can already be there and I won't have to wake up early to meet up with them to go to the airport. Since I already have all my bags packed, I decided that I would do this last post before my brother comes and picks me up!

I was happy to see that I received two postcards in the mail today! And as I was on the way down to the mailbox to see if I had any mail, I was able to see the moon and decided to walk on over to the beach to see the moon glistening over the water! It was beautiful, and this is one of the times that I wish that I had a phone camera with better quality, but that's okay, because I did the best that I could.

I liked how there were palm trees framing the moon too! It was a beautiful site that I hope to never take for granted!

The first of two postcards was from Yuko who lives in Japan. It looks to be a field of flowers with workers overlooking the ocean. Two of my favorite things! Flowers and the ocean! She said that she lives a 5 minute walk to the that's good for her! I love living near the ocean, and I hope she does too! And this postcard took a fast week (7 days) to get to me!

This absolutely gorgeous postcard of a butterfly is from Lars who lives in Germany! I usually don't take a full picture of the back of postcards that I receive, that I really love how he added stickers to my postcard since I mentioned that I love stickers! That was very sweet of him! This postcard took 10 days to get to me and I absolutely love it...I have always loved walking a garden of flowers and watch the butterflies and bees flit from flower to flower...:)

Well, my brother should be here in a few minutes! My next post will be a LONG post of my time in Maui...I'm soo excited! I just love traveling and exploring! :)