Tuesday, September 27, 2016

First Crystals.

My really good friend, Ashley, visited me at work today. I am so excited because she just got a job that is literally just down the street from mine, and so we are able to see each other more! But since she gets off of work earlier than I do, she comes over and hangs out with me as I clean the school. But today when she came she told me that she was excited to give me something. I love "just because" surprise gifts....I mean, who doesn't?! :)

Anyways, she gave me this gift box and I laughed at her because it's HER birthday that is coming up and she was giving ME a present! But that is so Ashely...so giving, among other amazing characteristics and traits. :)

As I opened the box, I squealed, only because look how cute the tissue paper is! AND it's shiny! :) Ash told me that I had to be careful when I opened it up and then I told her that it better not pop out and scare the shit out of me! *laughs* It didn't. :)

Inside were two crystals which, Ash informed me that she had already fully charged them at the last full moon. She has recently been into crystals and was telling me about them and so she decided to buy some for me. I have to admit that I am curious about the properties of crystals and I do think that crystals are beautiful! But I have not researched about what crystals were about, but Ash has gotten me curious about them.

Ash told me that an amethyst is a natural stress reliever. After doing some light web-searching about this crystal, it claims that is encourages inner strength, spirituality, and intuition. It also attracts positive energy while getting rid of the negative energy from your body or your home. It is used to help with insomnia, dream recall, homesickness, and stress relief. It helps you enter a peaceful state of mediation. Ash told me to keep it by my bed and before I sleep, I can hold it in my hand and just reflect on the negative things that I want to let go. I'll put it on the shelf at the foot of my bed right under my fan. It's a pretty crystal. :)

This is the rhodonite crystal. Ash informed me that this crystal will assist in healing scars of the past. It will help me discover the best me. If that makes sense. I did some light web-searching and found out that this crystal is considered the stone of potential and it manifests positive energy. "Its vibrations are believed to lighten the heart, inspiring [one] to live up to their highest destiny." Ash said that this crystal will promote the energy of love. A good crystal to have.

And there it is! My first crystals from my good friend! I think that I will do more research about crystals and what they are all about. If anything, I think crystal jewelry are so beautiful, I just might invest in some! :)