Friday, September 30, 2016

dōTERRA Essential Oil Haul.

My sister is a distributer of dōTERRA, Essential Oils and I came home to my order of oils! I have my favorite oils...and some I am still saving up for. I always encourage people to do their own research about the different oils, and try them out if they want to. I believe in them.

I don't order monthly, but every few months I do put in an order of oils. I love how one bottle can last a long time and I also appreciate the benefits that they come with.

Breathe. I go through this oil fairly fast since I do diffuse it every night and I like to carry a bottle around with me. It's my most favorite blend of oils. It's a respiratory support oil blend that aids in lungs and sinuses and seasonal respiratory discomfort. One if it's ingredients is peppermint oil so it smells of peppermint and I love it! I got two bottles this time. :)

Since I am allergic to oranges, I hesitate to use their On Guard blend which has orange oils in it. I happen to use a salt scrub with orange oil in it and I started to feel real itchy and broke out in hives, so I didn't want that to happen when I would diffuse On Guard. Young Living Essential Oils (which is another essential oil company that I like as well) has a blend called Thieves that is similar to On Guard, but uses lemon oil instead of orange oil and so I like to use their recipe in making my own blend of On Guard/Thieves. I was running out of clove, cinnamon bark, and lemon so I had to get more of those oils. (I use a Thieves spray in my preschool classroom...and I LOVE it!)

Lavender and Peppermint are two oils that I like to make sure that I have a supply of. I always have a hard time sleeping and so I like to add some lavender spray on my pillow right before I lay down to sleep, or I would diffuse it when I am getting ready for bed. I have to admit that at first the smell really got to me and I didn't like it...but now it's a calming scent. :)

On a side note: I was really excited when I was able to go to the Lavender Farms of Maui! I adored their gift shop that had a lot of lavender products! :)

Peppermint has a lot of benefits that I appreciate. One of the top benefits that I love about this oil is that since spiders do not like the smell of peppermint, they stay away. Spiders and mice and so far it has worked. I haven't seen either in my studio since I started using this as a spray mixture. I like to spray this around and in my studio every few days. If anything, I love the smell of peppermint. :)

This is a rub that I absolutely love and will always hope they have around. It has peppermint in it so it does have that cool feeling when you rub it on. The older that I am the more my back and neck has been feeling sore. It doesn't help that in two of my jobs, I am putting a lot of pressure on my back and neck muscles (preschool: EVERYTHING is toddler height, so I am constantly leaning over, floral job: you are constantly putting strain on your back when you are designing and moving things around). It also helps when I work out and my muscles are sore, I just rub this on and I feel as if I can feel an instant relief! I love this product!

When I first placed my order, I had originally wanted only a few oils, however my sister told me that if my order totaled a certain amount I can get 3 free oils of which I usually get anyways. I figured that since I usually order these oils and the ones that I did end up getting, I might as well bulk up on some to make the amount and get these three free.

So this month, I was able to get these free! How awesome is that! :)

Like I mentioned earlier, do your own research about essential oils--how each oil can benefit you and even the source that you get them from. I have heard a lot of different things about different companies and so instead of just blindly listening to someone, I decided to do my own research and I have found that I like dōTERRA and Young Living Essential Oils. I do recommend oils...but that is for you to decide. :)