Sunday, September 11, 2016

Direct Swap with Netherlands.

Tomorrow I will be sending this beautiful postcard to a lady named Henriëtte from Netherlands. She requested to do a direct swap with me and I agreed because I seem to be getting a lot of postcards from the Netherlands and I am quite tempted to add this as a place I would like to visit! So, the more postcards I receive from this beautiful country, the happier I will be! I see a lot of flower fields when I look this place up...and just the though of being in a beautiful field flowers makes me smile and feel happy inside! Henriëtte mentioned that she would like cards with "Greetings from..." and "things which are typical for the country you live in" and I thought that this postcard was perfect since it's a "Greetings (Aloha) from Hawai'i" and of course we are known for our many beautiful beaches. I was able to tell her a little bit about myself and so I hope she enjoys this postcard! :)